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  1. Gentrification
  2. Agglomeration
  3. World City
  4. Multiple Nuclei Model
  5. Suburbanization
  1. a they function at the global scale as a service of world economy
  2. b built up area consisting of central city and surrounding suburbs
  3. c process where low cost neighborhoods are renovated by middle class to increase property values
  4. d a model of town growth by Chauncy Harris and Edward Ullman based on the fact that many towns and large cities grow about many nuclei rather than a CBD
  5. e the process where lands that were previously outside the urban environment become urbanized, as people and businesses move to these places

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  1. trading center where goods are exported and imported without cost
  2. explains that price/demand for land increases closer to CBD (explains the concentric zone model and different levels of development located at distances from city)
  3. a settlement which acts as a link between two areas
  4. a city that is more than two times greater than the next largest city in a nation, is usually very expressive of the national culture, and is often the capital city
  5. an increase in some economic activity starts a chain reaction that generates more activity than the original increase

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  1. Decentralizationmovement of people, capital, services, and government into central city


  2. Squatter Settlementan area of usually unauthorized, makeshift housing, generally at the edge of a third world city


  3. Postindustrial Citya center of population, commerce, and culture from early 1900s - now


  4. Redliningnot giving funds to poorer neighborhoods


  5. Sector Modela model of town growth by Homer Hoyt with sections: high-rent homes, intermediate-rent homes, low-rent homes, education and recreation, transportation, industrial area


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