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study guide quiz unit 8 urban geography Test

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  1. Ghetto
  2. CBD
  3. Megacities
  4. Commercialization
  5. World City
  1. a they function at the global scale as a service of world economy
  2. b process of increasing importance of business (advertisements in cities)
  3. c (central business district) location of skyscrapers and companies; always center of 3 urban models, many people commute, few actually live there
  4. d metropolitan areas with a total population of more than 10 million people
  5. e poor section of city inhabited by people of same race, religion, or social background

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  1. a run-down and often overcrowded apartment house, especially in a poor section of a large city
  2. a center of population, commerce, and culture from 500 - 1500 BCE
  3. an area of usually unauthorized, makeshift housing, generally at the edge of a third world city
  4. (E.W. Burgess) city grows outwards from central area (CBD in middle, zone of transition, workers' homes, zone of residences, commuter's zone)
  5. explains how services are distributed & why there are distinct patterns in this distribution; involves market area/hinterland and threshold

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  1. Indigenous Citya new concentration of business in suburban areas consisting of suburbs


  2. Hinterlandregion remote from urban areas & sited beyond metropolitan centers of culture


  3. Globalizationincrease in proportion of population living in towns


  4. Multiplier Effectan increase in some economic activity starts a chain reaction that generates more activity than the original increase


  5. Zoningto divide an area into zones


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