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  1. Barriadas
  2. Bid-Rent Theory
  3. Decentralization
  4. Primate City
  5. Blockbusting
  1. a a city that is more than two times greater than the next largest city in a nation, is usually very expressive of the national culture, and is often the capital city
  2. b explains that price/demand for land increases closer to CBD (explains the concentric zone model and different levels of development located at distances from city)
  3. c process of white families selling their homes because of fear that blacks would move in & lower property value (explains white flight of 1950's & growth of suburbs)
  4. d process of dispersing decision-making outwards from center of authority
  5. e a neighborhood, usually a slum or lower class (Latin American cities)

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  1. process of social and economic change caused by removal of industry
  2. a model of town growth by Chauncy Harris and Edward Ullman based on the fact that many towns and large cities grow about many nuclei rather than a CBD
  3. a settlement which acts as a link between two areas
  4. net migration from urban to rural areas
  5. houses grouped together in clusters/houses lie far apart and land is intensely cultivated by machine/houses are on long, narrow strips of land

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  1. Census Tractstrength of dominance of urban center over surrounding area, larger than MSA or agglomeration


  2. Threshold/Rangearea closest to the market / area farther away from the market


  3. Indigenous Citya new concentration of business in suburban areas consisting of suburbs


  4. Zoningto divide an area into zones


  5. Centralizationmovement of people, capital, services, and government into central city


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