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  1. Ghetto
  2. Postindustrial City
  3. Indigenous City
  4. Concentric Zone Model
  5. Census Tract
  1. a a center of population, commerce, and culture that is native to a country
  2. b (E.W. Burgess) city grows outwards from central area (CBD in middle, zone of transition, workers' homes, zone of residences, commuter's zone)
  3. c poor section of city inhabited by people of same race, religion, or social background
  4. d a center of population, commerce, and culture from early 1900s - now
  5. e government designated areas in cities that each have ~5,000 people, often correspond to neighborhoods (data is used to analyze urban patterns)

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  1. houses grouped together in clusters/houses lie far apart and land is intensely cultivated by machine/houses are on long, narrow strips of land
  2. a term that relates the structure of towns within an area
  3. an area of usually unauthorized, makeshift housing, generally at the edge of a third world city
  4. process where low cost neighborhoods are renovated by middle class to increase property values
  5. a shantytown or slum

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  1. Site/Situationincrease in proportion of population living in towns


  2. Centralizationprocess of dispersing decision-making outwards from center of authority


  3. High-Tech Corridorsarea benefiting from lower taxes and high-tech infrastructure with the goal of providing high-tech jobs locally


  4. Hinterlandregion remote from urban areas & sited beyond metropolitan centers of culture


  5. Infrastructurethe basic facilities, services, and installations needed for the functioning of a community or society


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