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  1. Blockbusting
  2. Megacities
  3. Zoning
  4. Redlining
  5. Rank-Size Rule
  1. a to divide an area into zones
  2. b not giving funds to poorer neighborhoods
  3. c metropolitan areas with a total population of more than 10 million people
  4. d process of white families selling their homes because of fear that blacks would move in & lower property value (explains white flight of 1950's & growth of suburbs)
  5. e in a modern urban hierarchy, the population of a city or town is inversely proportional to its rank in the hierarchy

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  1. explains that price/demand for land increases closer to CBD (explains the concentric zone model and different levels of development located at distances from city)
  2. movement of people, capital, services, and government into central city
  3. a center of population, commerce, and culture from 500 - 1500 BCE
  4. trading center where goods are exported and imported without cost
  5. process of increasing importance of business (advertisements in cities)

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  1. Threshold/Rangenot giving funds to poorer neighborhoods


  2. Deindustrializationprocess of social and economic change caused by removal of industry


  3. World Citya new concentration of business in suburban areas consisting of suburbs


  4. Sector Modela model of town growth by Homer Hoyt with sections: high-rent homes, intermediate-rent homes, low-rent homes, education and recreation, transportation, industrial area


  5. Ethnic neighborhoodregion remote from urban areas & sited beyond metropolitan centers of culture


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