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Science Ch. 1 Test

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  1. animal's fur color
  2. mollusks
  3. giant squid
  4. species
  5. true
  1. a cells that look similar can have different jobs
  2. b the second part of an organism's scientific name
  3. c a snail and an oyster
  4. d this is an example of an inherited trait
  5. e the largest invertebrate is a?

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. the special parts in plant cells to trap the Sun's energy
  2. pine trees reproduce by making seeds but they do not have these.
  3. groups of tissues that work together form a?
  4. holds many spores
  5. kingdom that lives on land and absorbs its food from living or non-living things

5 True/False Questions

  1. genusplants with flowers or cones produce?


  2. microscopeyou would use this to see small details of a cell


  3. spideran example of an arthropod is a?


  4. seedsplants with flowers or cones produce?


  5. backbonea scientist classifys an animal as a vertebrate if it had this.


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