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  1. kingdom
  2. backbone
  3. true
  4. mosses
  5. adaptation
  1. a cells that look similar can have different jobs
  2. b these form the largest group of nonvascular plants.
  3. c a scientist classifys an animal as a vertebrate if it had this.
  4. d a physical feature or behavior that helps an animal get food, protect itself, move, or reproduce
  5. e the largest classification group is a?

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  1. the first part of an organism's scientific name
  2. traveling in search of food or a place to reproduce
  3. you would use this to see small details of a cell
  4. the smallest unit of all living things
  5. the second part of an organism's scientific name

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  1. cell membraneplant and animal cells both have a nucleus, cytoplasm, and a cell membrane


  2. sporesthe second part of an organism's scientific name


  3. arthropodsanimals with jointed legs


  4. instinctscovered with scales and use lungs to breathe.


  5. invertebratesanimals that do not have a backbone


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