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  1. fungi
  2. instincts
  3. how to catch fish
  4. giant squid
  5. flowers
  1. a the largest invertebrate is a?
  2. b behaviors that are inherited
  3. c pine trees reproduce by making seeds but they do not have these.
  4. d kingdom that lives on land and absorbs its food from living or non-living things
  5. e this is a behavior that a bear must learn from it's parents

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  1. plants with flowers or cones produce?
  2. holds many spores
  3. animals with jointed legs
  4. the control center of the cell
  5. a state of inactivity that occurs in some animals when outside temperatures are cold

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  1. animal's fur colorAre liverworts vascular or nonvascular plants?


  2. nonvascularplants that have tubes to allow water and nutrients to move up and down in the plants


  3. invertebratesanimals that do not have a backbone


  4. adaptationthe European green toad's poision glad behind it's eyes is an example of?


  5. backboneyou would use this to see small details of a cell


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