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  1. how to catch fish
  2. spider
  3. animal's fur color
  4. backbone
  5. mammals
  1. a an example of an arthropod is a?
  2. b warm-blooded and they have hair or fur
  3. c this is a behavior that a bear must learn from it's parents
  4. d a scientist classifys an animal as a vertebrate if it had this.
  5. e this is an example of an inherited trait

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  1. behaviors that are inherited
  2. these form the largest group of nonvascular plants.
  3. animals with jointed legs
  4. a state of inactivity that occurs in some animals when outside temperatures are cold
  5. what are the two things that a plant cell contains that an animal cell doesn't?

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  1. mollusksa snail and an oyster


  2. vascularAre liverworts vascular or nonvascular plants?


  3. fungithe first part of an organism's scientific name


  4. nonvascularAre liverworts vascular or nonvascular plants?


  5. cell membraneplant and animal cells both have a nucleus, cytoplasm, and a cell membrane


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