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  1. alliteration
  2. coinage
  3. cliché
  4. Metaphor
  5. Syntax
  1. a the pattern or structure of the word order in a sentence or phrase: the study of grammatical structure
  2. b a word or phrase made, invented or fabricated.
    EX: man-crush
  3. c a figure of speech involving an implied comparison
  4. d a timeworn expression that has lost its meaning
  5. e repetition of initial identical consonant sounds or any vowel sounds

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  1. the word to which a pronoun refers (whose place it takes)
  2. Language use to distort and manipulate rather than to communicate
  3. a sentence grammatically complete at some point (or points)
    before the end
  4. techniques a writer uses to create and reveal fictional personalities in a work of literature. describing, appearance, actions, thoughts, and feelings
  5. methods of pseudoreasoning that may occur accidentally or may be intentionally contrived to lend plausibility to an unsound argument.

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  1. apostrophethe inversion of the usual, normal, or logical order of the parts of a sentence


  2. Denotation, ConnotationDenotation is the specific, exact meaning of a word, independent of its emotion coloration or association. Connotation is the emotions implications that words may
    carry, as distinguished from their denotative meanings.


  3. call to actionwriting that urges people to take action or promotes change


  4. Metonymyfigure of speech characterized by the substitution of a term naming an object closely associated with the word in mind for the word itself EX: the king=the crown


  5. Ironya mode of speech in which words express a meaning opposite to the intended meaning.


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