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  1. Synecdoche
  2. attitude
  3. aphorism
  4. concrete
  5. Metaphor
  1. a pertains to actual things, instances, or experiences: opposite of abstract
  2. b closely linked with the authors tone of a piece, can also be the underlying feeling behind a tone.
  3. c a figure of speech involving an implied comparison
  4. d type of figurative language in which the whole is used for the part of the part used for the whole. In "the dying year," the whole is used to stand for a part, "autumn",
  5. e concise statement of a principle given in pointed words

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  1. is the most subtle and often the most powerful because it comes from character and reputation, not words
  2. the pattern or structure of the word order in a sentence or phrase: the study of grammatical structure
  3. writing that seeks to clarify, explain, or inform using one or several of the following methods: process analysis, definition, classification and division, comparison
    and contrast, and cause-and-effect analysis.
  4. the inversion of the usual, normal, or logical order of the parts of a sentence
  5. a timeworn expression that has lost its meaning

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  1. Jargonfrom the fifteenth-century French term jargoun, meaning twittering or jibberish: usually refers to a specialized language providing a shorthand method of quick communication between people in the same field. Often used to disguise the inner working of a particular trade or
    profession from public scrutiny


  2. Denotation, Connotationis a method of specifying the basic nature of any phenomenon, idea, or things.


  3. alliterationrepetition of initial identical consonant sounds or any vowel sounds


  4. Motifin literature, recurrent images, words, objects, phrases, or actions that tend to unify the work


  5. comparison/contrastrhetorical technique for pointing out similarities or differences


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