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  1. Denotation, Connotation
  2. comparison/contrast
  3. Syllogism
  4. call to action
  5. Narration
  1. a the story of events and/or experiences that tell what happened.
  2. b rhetorical technique for pointing out similarities or differences
  3. c a formula for presenting an argument logically
  4. d writing that urges people to take action or promotes change
  5. e Denotation is the specific, exact meaning of a word, independent of its emotion coloration or association. Connotation is the emotions implications that words may
    carry, as distinguished from their denotative meanings.

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  1. the omission of a word or words necessary for complete construction, but understood in the context.
  2. a type of balance in which the second part is balanced against the first, but with the parts reversed. EX: flowers are lovely, love is flowerlike
  3. a timeworn expression that has lost its meaning
  4. a figure of speech characterized by strongly contrasting words, clauses or ideas.
  5. the arrangement of parts of a sentence, sentences, paragraphs, and larger units of composition that one element of with another is similarly developed and phrased

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  1. Paradoxa phrase or statement that while seemly is contradictory or absurd may actually be well-founded or true.


  2. apostrophefigure of speech in which someone (usually absent) is directly addressed


  3. Idiomthe choice of words in a work of literature and an element of style important to the work's effectiveness


  4. characterizationtechniques a writer uses to create and reveal fictional personalities in a work of literature. describing, appearance, actions, thoughts, and feelings


  5. Logical Reasoningmethods of pseudoreasoning that may occur accidentally or may be intentionally contrived to lend plausibility to an unsound argument.


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