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  1. Hyperbole
  2. Style
  3. Motif
  4. coinage
  5. Denotation, Connotation
  1. a Denotation is the specific, exact meaning of a word, independent of its emotion coloration or association. Connotation is the emotions implications that words may
    carry, as distinguished from their denotative meanings.
  2. b is the author's characteristic manner of expression
  3. c in literature, recurrent images, words, objects, phrases, or actions that tend to unify the work
  4. d is a figure of speech in which conscious exaggeration is used without the intent of literal persuasion
  5. e a word or phrase made, invented or fabricated.
    EX: man-crush

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  1. the story of events and/or experiences that tell what happened.
  2. type of figurative language in which the whole is used for the part of the part used for the whole. In "the dying year," the whole is used to stand for a part, "autumn",
  3. a mode of speech in which words express a meaning opposite to the intended meaning.
  4. a timeworn expression that has lost its meaning
  5. is the most subtle and often the most powerful because it comes from character and reputation, not words

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  1. Simple Sentencea sentence grammatically complete at some point (or points)
    before the end


  2. Definitionis a method of specifying the basic nature of any phenomenon, idea, or things.


  3. Voicethe implied personality the author chooses to adopt


  4. Process Analysisa mode of speech in which words express a meaning opposite to the intended meaning.


  5. colloquial expressionwords of phrases, characteristics or appropriate ordinary or familiar conversations rather than a formal speech writing


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