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  1. Syllogism
  2. Rhetorical Question
  3. Euphemism
  4. Loose Sentence
  5. Parallelism
  1. a the arrangement of parts of a sentence, sentences, paragraphs, and larger units of composition that one element of with another is similarly developed and phrased
  2. b a formula for presenting an argument logically
  3. c a sentence grammatically complete at some point (or points)
    before the end
  4. d asked solely to produce an effect and not to elicit a reply
  5. e from the Greek word meaning to speak well of: the substitutions of an inoffensive, indirect, or agreeable expression for a word or phrase perceived as socially
    unacceptable or unnecessarily harsh

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  1. the designating qualities or characteristics apart from specific objects or events. opposite of concrete
  2. pertains to actual things, instances, or experiences: opposite of abstract
  3. a figure of speech involving a comparison using like or as
  4. closely linked with the authors tone of a piece, can also be the underlying feeling behind a tone.
  5. type of figurative language in which the whole is used for the part of the part used for the whole. In "the dying year," the whole is used to stand for a part, "autumn",

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  1. Symbolis something concrete (such as an object, person, place, or event that stands for or represents something abstract (such as an idea, quality, concepts, or condition.


  2. anaphoraa figure of speech involving an implied comparison


  3. Expositionwriting that seeks to clarify, explain, or inform using one or several of the following methods: process analysis, definition, classification and division, comparison
    and contrast, and cause-and-effect analysis.


  4. lyrical dramaa formula for presenting an argument logically


  5. OxymoronA self contradictory combination of words or smaller verbal units


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