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  1. Metonymy
  2. Ethical Appeal
  3. Logical Reasoning
  4. colloquial expression
  5. Denotation, Connotation
  1. a Denotation is the specific, exact meaning of a word, independent of its emotion coloration or association. Connotation is the emotions implications that words may
    carry, as distinguished from their denotative meanings.
  2. b figure of speech characterized by the substitution of a term naming an object closely associated with the word in mind for the word itself EX: the king=the crown
  3. c is the most subtle and often the most powerful because it comes from character and reputation, not words
  4. d words of phrases, characteristics or appropriate ordinary or familiar conversations rather than a formal speech writing
  5. e the idea that there are principles governing correct or
    reliable inference

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  1. the choice of words in a work of literature and an element of style important to the work's effectiveness
  2. rhetorical technique for pointing out similarities or differences
  3. the use of words outside their literal or usual meanings, used to add freshness and suggest associations and comparisons that create effective
    images: includes elements of speech such as hyperbole, irony, metaphor, personification, and
  4. asked solely to produce an effect and not to elicit a reply
  5. concise statement of a principle given in pointed words

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  1. Repetitiona rhetorical device reiterating a word or phrase, or rewording the same idea, to secure emphasis


  2. tonea mode of speech in which words express a meaning opposite to the intended meaning.


  3. alliterationrepetition of initial identical consonant sounds or any vowel sounds


  4. Personificationis a method of specifying the basic nature of any phenomenon, idea, or things.


  5. anastrophethe inversion of the usual, normal, or logical order of the parts of a sentence


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