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  1. city-state
  2. satrap
  3. satrapies
  4. Ahuramazda
  5. ideograms
  1. a Persian king Darius divided the empire into 20 provinces called ...
  2. b a Persian governor
  3. c a large town or city and the surrounding countryside cooperate for mutual defense
  4. d god of goodness, wisdom, and truth according to Zoroastrianism
  5. e a picture that symbolizes an idea or action

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  1. binding agreement
  2. a reed that grew along the Nile's marshy shores for making paper
  3. ivory and plates of gold fastened to a wooden framework
  4. ruling family in Egypt
  5. a triangle-shaped area of marshy flatlands

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  1. hieroglyphicsa system of writing developed by Egyptian priests


  2. ziggurata Persian governor


  3. Ahrimanfamous greek sculptor; built statue of Zeus at Olympia


  4. cataractswaterfalls (6 of them on the Nile)


  5. cuneiforma writing developed by the Sumerians; symbols made of wedge-like shapes


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