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  1. pharaoh
  2. ziggurat
  3. hieroglyphics
  4. Ahriman
  5. Ahuramazda
  1. a the home or temple of the god of the city; pyramid-shaped
  2. b god of goodness, wisdom, and truth according to Zoroastrianism
  3. c a system of writing developed by Egyptian priests
  4. d the evil spirit ; god of evil, darkness according to Zoroastrianism
  5. e means "great house"; the ruler of Egypt

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  1. blue tiles used in gate of Ishtar
  2. a large town or city and the surrounding countryside cooperate for mutual defense
  3. ivory and plates of gold fastened to a wooden framework
  4. Persian king Darius divided the empire into 20 provinces called ...
  5. the worship of a single god

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  1. papyrusa sharpened reed instrument used to make symbols on tablets of wet clay


  2. empirea reed that grew along the Nile's marshy shores for making paper


  3. cuneiforma writing developed by the Sumerians; symbols made of wedge-like shapes


  4. deltaa triangle-shaped area of marshy flatlands


  5. Pheidiasthe evil spirit ; god of evil, darkness according to Zoroastrianism


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