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Ancient History vocab(book) Test

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  1. money economy
  2. stylus
  3. ziggurat
  4. covenant
  5. Pheidias
  1. a an economic system based on money rather than barter
  2. b famous greek sculptor; built statue of Zeus at Olympia
  3. c binding agreement
  4. d the home or temple of the god of the city; pyramid-shaped
  5. e a sharpened reed instrument used to make symbols on tablets of wet clay

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  1. a reed that grew along the Nile's marshy shores for making paper
  2. a group of territories or peoples controlled by one ruler
  3. the evil spirit ; god of evil, darkness according to Zoroastrianism
  4. a system of writing developed by Egyptian priests
  5. means "great house"; the ruler of Egypt

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  1. Ahuramazdathe evil spirit ; god of evil, darkness according to Zoroastrianism


  2. deltaa triangle-shaped area of marshy flatlands


  3. city-statea large town or city and the surrounding countryside cooperate for mutual defense


  4. monotheisma writing developed by the Sumerians; symbols made of wedge-like shapes


  5. fiaencea Persian governor


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