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  1. chryselephantine
  2. Ahuramazda
  3. cataracts
  4. satrapies
  5. ziggurat
  1. a waterfalls (6 of them on the Nile)
  2. b ivory and plates of gold fastened to a wooden framework
  3. c Persian king Darius divided the empire into 20 provinces called ...
  4. d god of goodness, wisdom, and truth according to Zoroastrianism
  5. e the home or temple of the god of the city; pyramid-shaped

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  1. a Persian governor
  2. ruling family in Egypt
  3. a triangle-shaped area of marshy flatlands
  4. means "great house"; the ruler of Egypt
  5. a writing developed by the Sumerians; symbols made of wedge-like shapes

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  1. fiaencebinding agreement


  2. money economythe worship of a single god


  3. stylusa sharpened reed instrument used to make symbols on tablets of wet clay


  4. covenantwaterfalls (6 of them on the Nile)


  5. hieroglyphicspictures of objects


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