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  1. showings
  2. Saracens
  3. decided jews did not have to follow laws
  4. Erasmus
  5. christian kings
  1. a Olaf, Eric, Canute, stephen
  2. b council of jerusalem
  3. c dutch monk, humanist
  4. d army of nomadic muslims, attacked southern italy
  5. e julian of norwich's term for her mystical encounters with christ

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  1. called for reform at council of trent, oversaw the feeding of thousands a day
  2. lay investiture, simony, celibacy
  3. first miedeval theologian invent idea of scholasticism or faith seeking understanding
  4. Catherine lebourne
  5. orthodoxy

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  1. Cyril and methodiusOlaf, Eric, Canute, stephen


  2. risked life during french revolutionJulie billiant


  3. peace of Westphaliaweakened popes political power


  4. Margaret of scotlandweakened popes political power


  5. pacchimusdutch monk, humanist


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