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  1. Saint Anselm
  2. followers of Albigesians
  3. abbot Berno
  4. saint charles borromeo
  5. 3 main challenges church faced during middle ages
  1. a perfects
  2. b first miedeval theologian invent idea of scholasticism or faith seeking understanding
  3. c introduced monasticism to the west
  4. d called for reform at council of trent, oversaw the feeding of thousands a day
  5. e lay investiture, simony, celibacy

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  1. smiling pope
  2. his priests during prosecution, pressed with stones
  3. credited with establishing first monastery
  4. belief that church councils have greater authority than the pope
  5. orthodoxy

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  1. St augustine of canterberrysent by pope Gregory to convert the English


  2. Saracensarmy of nomadic muslims, attacked southern italy


  3. risked life during french revolutionJulie billiant


  4. Americanismassociated with Issac Hecker


  5. peace of Westphaliaweakened popes political power


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