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  1. St augustine of canterberry
  2. christian kings
  3. Cyril and methodius
  4. pacchimus
  5. showings
  1. a Olaf, Eric, Canute, stephen
  2. b julian of norwich's term for her mystical encounters with christ
  3. c two brothers responsible for the conversion of slavic people
  4. d credited with establishing first monastery
  5. e sent by pope Gregory to convert the English

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  1. associated with Issac Hecker
  2. introduced monasticism to the west
  3. system of contracts among groups of people designed for making use of the land and protecting people working on it *represent power and responsibilities
  4. dutch monk, humanist
  5. perfects

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  1. risked life during french revolutionhis priests during prosecution, pressed with stones


  2. principle teaching of Vatican Ismiling pope


  3. pope john paul Ismiling pope


  4. belief consistent with revealed truthweakened popes political power


  5. Saracensdutch monk, humanist


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