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  1. vision of mary inspired miraculous metal
  2. pope john paul I
  3. followers of Albigesians
  4. Cyril and methodius
  5. Erasmus
  1. a perfects
  2. b dutch monk, humanist
  3. c two brothers responsible for the conversion of slavic people
  4. d Catherine lebourne
  5. e smiling pope

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  1. called for reform at council of trent, oversaw the feeding of thousands a day
  2. council of jerusalem
  3. army of nomadic muslims, attacked southern italy
  4. Olaf, Eric, Canute, stephen
  5. orthodoxy

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  1. Otto the Greatcatholic layman, patron of lawyer


  2. principle teaching of Vatican Ipapal infallibility


  3. showingsjulian of norwich's term for her mystical encounters with christ


  4. Margaret of scotlandweakened popes political power


  5. Feudalismsystem of contracts among groups of people designed for making use of the land and protecting people working on it *represent power and responsibilities


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