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  1. Cirrus clouds
  2. Transpiration
  3. Precipitation
  4. Bisect
  5. Stanza
  1. a water rises from plants (A Step in the Water Cycle)
  2. b group of lines in a poem
  3. c Water droplets fall; rain, snow, sleet, hail (A Step in the Water Cycle)
  4. d High in the sky, look wispy, Ice crystals/Fair
  5. e to cut or divide into two equal parts

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  1. middle of the sky, look puffy, fair weather
  2. Water vapor cools; clouds (A Step in the Water Cycle)
  3. About/close
  4. low in the sky, look like a blanket, may produce drizzle
  5. a distinguishing feature or quality

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  1. Climateto add details to; expand


  2. Intervalgroup of lines in a poem


  3. Run-offWater collects; lakes, rivers, oceans (A Step in the Water Cycle)


  4. Elaborateto add details to; expand


  5. FrequencyStand for; symbolize


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