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  1. Wireless
  2. Password
  3. Online
  4. Keystroke
  5. Search Engine
  1. a A string of characters used for authenticating a user on a computer system, or protecting the integrity of a file
  2. b An online "device" that uses keyboards and "Boolean Operators" (eg. and, or, not) to locate information on the Internet
  3. c Typing one, single, character on a keyboard
  4. d A feature that enables users to access the Internet using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies
  5. e Connected to the Internet

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  1. Moving through a window using either the vertical or horizontal "bars" in the window, or the rolling button on a mouse
  2. One of the Internet's leading search engines that is also the largest Web portal
  3. An input device that takes a picture of documents such as photographs and pages of text, and converts it into a digital format
  4. To move data FROM the "clipboard" to another location
  5. "Personal Computer"

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  1. Megabyte1000 (or 1024) kilobytes of measurement, and precedes "gigabyte"


  2. LinkTo "jump" to a new Web page or a completely different Web site


  3. VirusTo "jump" to a new Web page or a completely different Web site


  4. WWW"Universal Serial Bus"


  5. Word ProcessorA program such as Word that is used to process text in an organized fashion


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