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  1. Memory
  2. Scanner
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Megabyte
  5. USB
  1. a The storage capacity of a computer that determines how much information can be maintained for instant retrieval and processing
  2. b "Universal Serial Bus"
  3. c An input device that takes a picture of documents such as photographs and pages of text, and converts it into a digital format
  4. d 1000 (or 1024) kilobytes of measurement, and precedes "gigabyte"
  5. e One of the Internet's leading search engines that is also the largest Web portal

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  1. Sometimes called power strips, this piece of hardware prevent surges in electrical current by sending the excess current to the grounding wire
  2. To "jump" to a new Web page or a completely different Web site
  3. The name of the computers that are made by Apple Computer
  4. Typing one, single, character on a keyboard
  5. "Personal Computer"

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  1. WWW"World Wide Web" ~ this is a "subset" of the Internet, but is NOT a synonym of "Internet"


  2. Windows 7The latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system, one of the latest OS introduced by Microsoft since late 2009.


  3. OnlineTo "jump" to a new Web page or a completely different Web site


  4. WirelessSmall programs or scripts that can negatively affect the health of your computer


  5. Search EngineMoving through a window using either the vertical or horizontal "bars" in the window, or the rolling button on a mouse


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