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  1. (innate) 24 hour cycle of behavior, light regulated, sleep wake cycles of animals
  2. (innate) Response to intense heat; metabolism and activity slows down
  3. changes through practice or experience
  4. (innate) Seasonal movements of animals
  5. response to a stimulus

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  1. Conditioning(learned) Learning by association-Pavlov's Dogs
    1) Dog sees food and makes saliva
    2) Pavlov rang a bell before each feeding time
    3) After a while, when Pavlov rang a bell, dog made saliva (with or without food)


  2. Insight(learned) Animals use previous experience to respond to new situation


  3. Hibernation(innate) Response to cold temps, metabolism slows, body temp drops, respiration slows


  4. Territoriality(innate) Seasonal movements of animals


  5. Courtship Behavior(inherited) Used to intimidate another animal of same species


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