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  1. an American general and the eighteenth President of the United States (1869-1877). He achieved international fame as the leading Union general in the American Civil War.
  2. manditory military service
  3. a slave state that remained in the Union during the Civil War (Maryland, Delaware, Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia)
  4. one who does not side with any party in a war or dispute
  5. all-out attacks aimed at destroying an ememy's army, its resources, and its people's will to fight

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  1. inflationone who does not side with any party in a war or dispute


  2. Emancipate(v.) to free from slavery; to release or liberate


  3. Casualtya person killed or injured in a war or accident


  4. Blockadewarship covered with protective iron plates


  5. William Tecumseh ShermanUnion general who used drastic methods like total war to fight against the South.


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