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  1. discrimination
  2. perception
  3. precognition
  4. hypothalamus
  5. short-term memory
  1. a holds few items briefly (e.g. phone number)
  2. b organizing and interpreting sensory information
  3. c maintenance activities, governs endocrine system
  4. d ability to distinguish between CS and irrelevant stimuli
  5. e perceiving future events

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  1. deviant, distressful, dysfunctional
  2. voluntary movement and balance (little brain)
  3. depth cues available to a single eye (e.g. interposition)
  4. scientific study to solve practical problem
  5. relatively permanent and limitless, includes knowledge, skills, experiences

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  1. Wernicke's areacontrols language expression, muscle movements for speech


  2. echoic memorymomentary auditory memory


  3. PNSmost frequently occurring score


  4. retroactive interferencenew learning disrupts recall of old information


  5. double-blindobserving and imitating specific behavior


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