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  1. control group
  2. myelin sheath
  3. survey
  4. independent variable
  5. sensory memory
  1. a covers axon to speed neural impulses
  2. b technique for determining self-reported attitudes of a group
  3. c group not exposed to treatment
  4. d manipulated experimental factor
  5. e immediate, very brief recording of sensory information

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  1. junction between axon tip of sending neuron and dendrite of receiving
  2. carry outgoing information from CNS to muscles and glands
  3. type of learning in which one links stimuli to anticipate events
  4. depth cues available only to both eyes together (e.g. retinal disparity)
  5. focus on arguments

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  1. meanmiddle score (half above, half below)


  2. temporal (lobes)auditory


  3. primary reinforcerstimulus that gains power through association with primary reinforcer


  4. deindividuationreceiving stimuli


  5. modearithmetic average of scores


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