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  1. PNS
  2. sensory neurons
  3. mode
  4. peripheral (route to) persuasion
  5. random sample
  1. a focus on incidental cues
  2. b carry incoming information from receptors to CNS
  3. c fairly represents a population
  4. d most frequently occurring score
  5. e sensory and motor neurons that connect CNS to rest of body

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  1. outcome factor
  2. tendency to underestimate circumstance and overestimate disposition
  3. innately reinforcing stimulus
  4. decreases behavior it follows
  5. momentary visual memory

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  1. parasympathetic nervous systemdivision of ANS that calms


  2. plasticitybrain ability to change


  3. discriminationtendency for similar stimuli to elicit similar response


  4. case studyreceiving stimuli


  5. short-term memoryholds few items briefly (e.g. phone number)


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