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  1. monocular cues
  2. proactive interference
  3. precognition
  4. medulla
  5. perception
  1. a depth cues available to a single eye (e.g. interposition)
  2. b prior learning disrupts recall of new information
  3. c heartbeat and breathing
  4. d perceiving future events
  5. e organizing and interpreting sensory information

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  1. level of stimulation required to trigger neural impulse
  2. controls language reception, comprehension
  3. minimum difference between two stimuli needed for detection half the time
  4. mind over matter
  5. ability to distinguish between CS and irrelevant stimuli

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  1. echoic memoryrelatively permanent and limitless, includes knowledge, skills, experiences


  2. sympathetic nervous systemdivision of ANS that calms


  3. modelingobserving and imitating specific behavior


  4. shapingreinforcing behaviors closer and closer to those desired


  5. encodingobserving and imitating specific behavior


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