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  1. deindividuation
  2. encoding
  3. hindsight bias
  4. variable-ratio
  5. neuron
  1. a loss of self-awareness and restraint in groups that fosters arousal and anonymity
  2. b processing information into memory
  3. c tendency to believe, after learning at outcome, that we would have foreseen it
  4. d reinforcement after unpredictable number of reponses
  5. e nerve cell

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  1. clear memory of emotionally significant event
  2. mental pictures
  3. fill gaps to create complete object
  4. diminishing of CR
  5. auditory

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  1. parietal (lobes)visual


  2. primary reinforcerstimulus that gains power through association with primary reinforcer


  3. PNSbrain and spinal cord


  4. retroactive interferenceincreases behavior it follows


  5. echoic memorymomentary auditory memory


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