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  1. reticular formation
  2. depth perception
  3. psychokinesis
  4. imagery
  5. amygdala
  1. a mind over matter
  2. b mental pictures
  3. c nerve network, controls arousal
  4. d ability to see in 3D, allows distance judgment
  5. e linked to emotion

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  1. depth cues available only to both eyes together (e.g. retinal disparity)
  2. type of learning in which one links stimuli to anticipate events
  3. junction between axon tip of sending neuron and dendrite of receiving
  4. depth cues available to a single eye (e.g. interposition)
  5. level of stimulation required to trigger neural impulse

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  1. obediencemiddle score (half above, half below)


  2. basic researchincreases behavior it follows


  3. punishmentdecreases behavior it follows


  4. thalamusmaintenance activities, governs endocrine system


  5. precognitionperceiving future events


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