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  1. applied research
  2. motor neurons
  3. Skinner box
  4. hypothalamus
  5. reinforcer
  1. a increases behavior it follows
  2. b carry outgoing information from CNS to muscles and glands
  3. c maintenance activities, governs endocrine system
  4. d scientific study to solve practical problem
  5. e operant chamber, animal presses bar to get food

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  1. branch of psychology that assesses and treats people with PDs
  2. believed human emotions and behaviors are all conditioned responses
  3. mind to mind communication
  4. diminishing of CR
  5. touch and body position

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  1. closurefill gaps to create complete object


  2. mnemonicsnerve cell


  3. Broca's areacontrols language expression, muscle movements for speech


  4. fixed-intervalreinforcement after specific time


  5. psychological disordermomentary visual memory


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