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Psychology Final Test

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  1. short-term memory
  2. obedience
  3. retrieval
  4. serial position effect
  5. cerebral cortex
  1. a getting information out of storage
  2. b ultimate control and processing center
  3. c holds few items briefly (e.g. phone number)
  4. d tendency to recall best the first and last items in list
  5. e following direct orders

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  1. organization of visual field into objects
  2. chemical messengers that cross synaptic gaps
  3. conscious repetition
  4. speaking, movements, plans, judgements
  5. increases behavior it follows

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  1. reticular formationperceiving future events


  2. corpus callosumaxons fibers connecting brain hemispheres


  3. long-term memoryholds few items briefly (e.g. phone number)


  4. psychological disorderdeviant, distressful, dysfunctional


  5. classical conditioningperceiving future events


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