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  1. plasticity
  2. placebo effect
  3. encoding
  4. cerebral cortex
  5. frontal (lobe)
  1. a ultimate control and processing center
  2. b speaking, movements, plans, judgements
  3. c brain ability to change
  4. d processing information into memory
  5. e results caused by expectations alone

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  1. branch of psychology that assesses and treats people with PDs
  2. new learning disrupts recall of old information
  3. conscious repetition
  4. junction between axon tip of sending neuron and dendrite of receiving
  5. middle score (half above, half below)

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  1. surveyfill gaps to create complete object


  2. binocular cuesdepth cues available to a single eye (e.g. interposition)


  3. modemost frequently occurring score


  4. discriminationin CC, the initial stage where one links NS and US; in OC, strengthening of a reinforced response


  5. corpus callosumvoluntary movement and balance (little brain)


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