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Psychology Final Test

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  1. Watson
  2. survey
  3. reticular formation
  4. corpus callosum
  5. sensory adaptation
  1. a technique for determining self-reported attitudes of a group
  2. b axons fibers connecting brain hemispheres
  3. c believed human emotions and behaviors are all conditioned responses
  4. d diminished sensitivity due to constant stimulation
  5. e nerve network, controls arousal

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  1. fairly represents a population
  2. momentary auditory memory
  3. sensory and motor neurons that connect CNS to rest of body
  4. middle score (half above, half below)
  5. group not exposed to treatment

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  1. mnemonicsmemory aids, especially using imagery and organizational devices


  2. frontal (lobe)visual


  3. retroactive interferencenew learning disrupts recall of old information


  4. central (route to) persuasionfocus on arguments


  5. sympathetic nervous systememotions and drives


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