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  1. sensory memory
  2. punishment
  3. peripheral (route to) persuasion
  4. psychological disorder
  5. neurotransmitters
  1. a chemical messengers that cross synaptic gaps
  2. b deviant, distressful, dysfunctional
  3. c decreases behavior it follows
  4. d immediate, very brief recording of sensory information
  5. e focus on incidental cues

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  1. organizing and interpreting sensory information
  2. carry incoming information from receptors to CNS
  3. maintenance activities, governs endocrine system
  4. repeating essence of a study
  5. reinforcement after unpredictable number of reponses

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  1. echoic memorymomentary auditory memory


  2. sympathetic nervous systemdivision of ANS that calms


  3. figure-groundlevel of stimulation required to trigger neural impulse


  4. corpus callosumgroup not exposed to treatment


  5. meannerve cell


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