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  1. 1. determine those needed
    2. investigate historical performance
    3. identify valuation model
    4. collect good data
    5. use judgment to interpret current investment conditions
    6. formulate capital market expectations
    7. monitor performance/refine process
  2. if the earnings yield is lower than the yield on the 10-year TSY, the investor would shift their money into the less risky TSY
  3. Explains why currencies may diverge from equilibrium values for extended periods. If investment is greater than domestic savings, then capital must flow into the country from abroad to finance the investment. At the same time the country will have a current account deficit, which would normally indiciate that a currency will weaken, but not in this instance.
  4. analyst's predictions are highly influenced by the recent past
  5. too much weight on the first set of information received

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  1. prudence trapanalyst's predictions are highly influenced by the recent past


  2. Taylor Ruler_target = r_neutral + [0.5(GDP_exp - GDP_trend) + 0.5(i_exp - i_target)]


  3. shrinkage estimatorsweighted averages of historical data and some other estimate, where the weights and other estimates are defined by the analyst


  4. alpha researchformulating capital market expectations, related to systematic risk


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