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  1. Depth Perception
  2. perception
  3. Convergence
  4. ESP
  5. Telepathy
  1. a ability to see in objects in 3 dimensions; judge distance
  2. b the process of interpreting info received from our environment
  3. c extrasensory perception; the controversial claim that perception can occur apart from sensory input
  4. d simultaneous inward movement of both eyes toward each other, usually in an effort to maintain single binocular vision when viewing an object
  5. e mind to mind communication

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  1. organization of visual field into objects that stand out from surroundings
  2. perceiving the future
  3. fill in gaps to create a whole object
  4. perceiving remote events
  5. minimum diff. b/w 2 stimuli required for detection 50% of the time

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  1. Binocular Cuesdepth cues available to either eye alone


  2. Similaritygroup similar figures together


  3. sensationthe process of interpreting info received from our environment


  4. Monocular Cuesdepth cues that depend on the use of 2 eyes


  5. Continuityperceive smooth, continuous patterns


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