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  1. proselyte
  2. adjunct
  3. hierarchy
  4. chimerical
  5. cozen
  1. a any system of things or people arranged or graded one above in order of rank, wealth, class, etc
  2. b a convert; a disciple
  3. c to trick; to cheat or swindle
  4. d absurd; wildly fantastic; impossible
  5. e something added to something else as helpful or useful but not essential; an assistant or helper; a valuable quality or characteristic. (adj) added or connected in a subordinate capacity; attached to a faculty or staff in an auxiliary capacity

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  1. forgetful; unaware
  2. a trickster or swindle; a charlatan
  3. irreverently mocking; coarse, vulgar, or indecent in language
  4. a song of praise, joy, pr triumph
  5. to cause to concentrate around two conflicting or contrasting positions; to cause light to vibrate in a pattern

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  1. aegisprotection; patronage; sponsorship


  2. bibulousirreverently mocking; coarse, vulgar, or indecent in language


  3. hideboundnarrow-minded and rigid, especially in opinions or prejudices; stubbornly and unthinkable conservative


  4. schisma formal split within a religious organization; any division or separation of a group or organization into hostile factions


  5. verisimilitudethe quality of appearing to be true, real, likely, or probable


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