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  1. chimerical
  2. oblivious
  3. paean
  4. aegis
  5. indigenous
  1. a protection; patronage; sponsorship
  2. b originating in the country pr region where found, native; inborn; inherent
  3. c absurd; wildly fantastic; impossible
  4. d forgetful; unaware
  5. e a song of praise, joy, pr triumph

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  1. irreverently mocking; coarse, vulgar, or indecent in language
  2. free; without charge
  3. subordinate or supplementary
  4. a convert; a disciple
  5. very small, tiny; a lowercase letter

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  1. pragmaticconcerned with practical consideration or values; dealing with actions and results rather than with abstract theory; stiff in one's opinions


  2. noisomea formal split within a religious organization; any division or separation of a group or organization into hostile factions


  3. lachrymosegiven to tears or weeping, causing to shed tears; mournful, lugubrious


  4. enclavean enclosed district, region, or area inhabited by a particular group of people or having a special character


  5. obfuscateto darken or obscure; to confuse or bewilder


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