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  1. lachrymose
  2. noisome
  3. gratis
  4. interstice
  5. chimerical
  1. a a small, narrow space between things or parts of things
  2. b free; without charge
  3. c given to tears or weeping, causing to shed tears; mournful, lugubrious
  4. d offensive or disgusting; foul-smelling; harmful or injurious
  5. e absurd; wildly fantastic; impossible

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  1. a short description or sketch; a picture or illustration with edges that gradually shade off; a decorative design on the title page of a book or at the beginning or end of a chapter
  2. the quality of appearing to be true, real, likely, or probable
  3. to trick; to cheat or swindle
  4. irreverently mocking; coarse, vulgar, or indecent in language
  5. lying flat on one's back; listless or lethargic; apathetic or passive

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  1. appriseprotection; patronage; sponsorship


  2. adjunctto darken or obscure; to confuse or bewilder


  3. miragesomething illusory, without substance, or without a basis in reality; an illusion


  4. fortelacking in wholesome vigor or energy; worn-out or exhausted; sterile or unstable to produce; out of date


  5. aegisprotection; patronage; sponsorship


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