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  1. jacob was re-named
  2. cain and able story
  3. difference between jesuit and archdioesan priests
  4. king david
  5. death of joshua caused
  1. a ruled for 40 years
  2. b israel
  3. c the israelties to a cycle of sin
  4. d in the story God showed love towards Able and Cain got very jealous, so cain killed able
  5. e they have different rules, different emphasis, but they are all catholic priests

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  1. successor of the apostles, they teach and govern, and continue the work of jesus
  2. believing in multiple Gods
  3. run parishes
  4. no one is born perfect, we're born with original sin because of adam and eve
  5. only has three days

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  1. successor to mosessettles disputes, lead military, and challenged isreal to remain faithFul to God


  2. monotheisticcatholic, and one god


  3. terms for JewsHebrews and Israelites


  4. passovercelebrates the resurrection of Jesus


  5. isaacabraham doesnt kill him fro God


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