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  1. ultimate vocation
  2. monotheistic
  3. laity
  4. Moses
  5. christians
  1. a saved the egyptians from the power of the pharaoh and lead them out of Egypt
  2. b catholic, and one god
  3. c read both the old and new testament
  4. d non ordained people
  5. e to live in union with God and to be happy

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  1. moses saved them
  2. no one is born perfect, we're born with original sin because of adam and eve
  3. in the story God showed love towards Able and Cain got very jealous, so cain killed able
  4. israel
  5. ruled for 40 years

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  1. terms for JewsHebrews and Israelites


  2. St. Thomas Aquinasare the truths that jesus taught in the sacred tradition


  3. Joshua leading the Israeliteslead to Canaan


  4. Magisteriumis the teaching office of the church, consisting of bishops and the pope


  5. bishopabraham doesnt kill him fro God


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