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  1. abraham's first child was with
  2. Trinity
  3. cain and able story
  4. 10 plagues
  5. trinity
  1. a 3 divine persons in 1
  2. b humans cannot fully understand the trinity that is whyu it is considered a mystery
  3. c in the story God showed love towards Able and Cain got very jealous, so cain killed able
  4. d hagar
  5. e the 10th convinced the pharaoh to release the isrealites because he was grief striken when his first born was killed, and they occurred because the pharaoh wouldnt release the isrealtes

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  1. joshua
  2. the israelties to a cycle of sin
  3. 1. there is a covenant
    2. the Israelits break it
    3. prophet is sent
    4. they change their ways
    5. everything is good
  4. to live in union with God and to be happy
  5. jeremiah, exekiel, daniel, Isaiah

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  1. advent1st season, 4 weeks, starts on a sunday, and means coming


  2. where are the creation stories found in the bible73


  3. ordinary timehappens 2 times a year


  4. rebekah and isaac had..easu and jacob


  5. laitycelebrates the suffering and dying and resurrection


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