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  1. advent prepares us for...
  2. the 2nd coming of Jesus
  3. death of joshua caused
  4. successor to moses
  5. apostolic succession
  1. a joshua
  2. b will come when the world ends
  3. c the birth of Jesus and the second coming of Jesus
  4. d the apostles chose their successors, who are given the title "bishop", to these successors the apostles passes on the authority to teach and interpret the scriptures and tradition
  5. e the israelties to a cycle of sin

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  1. he lad lust for women and hunger for power and fame
  2. isaac
  3. they can be married, assist in the mass, and take religious vows
  4. is the teaching office of the church, consisting of bishops and the pope
  5. they have a special connection with god and understand his desire crafted and proclaimed their exhortations of their community

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  1. transitional deaconsthey can be married, assist in the mass, and take religious vows


  2. total number of books in the bible73


  3. hagar and abrahams child was namedishamel


  4. isaac was married torebekah


  5. Triduumonly has three days


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