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  1. St. Thomas Aquinas
  2. leah, rachel and jacob had
  3. dogma
  4. Book of Joshua
  5. christians
  1. a was a doctor of the church, a powerful preacher and writer who tried to make sacred scripture relevant and accessible to every day people of faith. he said that there ere 2 senses of scripture, the literal and spiritual senses
  2. b central teaching of the church
  3. c God is presented as a warrior waging a holy war
  4. d 12 sons
  5. e read both the old and new testament

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  1. he got another soldiers wife pregnant
  2. when youre alone
  3. 1. there is a covenant
    2. the Israelits break it
    3. prophet is sent
    4. they change their ways
    5. everything is good
  4. they have different rules, different emphasis, but they are all catholic priests
  5. they have a special connection with god and understand his desire crafted and proclaimed their exhortations of their community

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  1. ordinary timehappens 2 times a year


  2. josephsaved the egyptians from the power of the pharaoh and lead them out of Egypt


  3. polytheisticbelieving in multiple Gods


  4. original sinno one is born perfect, we're born with original sin because of adam and eve


  5. abraham was married toLeah and rachel


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