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  1. advent
  2. cain and able story
  3. death of joshua caused
  4. saving the israelites from enslavement
  5. difference between jesuit and archdioesan priests
  1. a moses saved them
  2. b 1st season, 4 weeks, starts on a sunday, and means coming
  3. c they have different rules, different emphasis, but they are all catholic priests
  4. d the israelties to a cycle of sin
  5. e in the story God showed love towards Able and Cain got very jealous, so cain killed able

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  1. is not how god revealed himself in past events
  2. carlson
  3. is the teaching office of the church, consisting of bishops and the pope
  4. successor of the apostles, they teach and govern, and continue the work of jesus
  5. means promise

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  1. 10 plaguesthe 10th convinced the pharaoh to release the isrealites because he was grief striken when his first born was killed, and they occurred because the pharaoh wouldnt release the isrealtes


  2. successor to mosesjoshua


  3. popes in the catholic churchmagisterium, they run the church


  4. davids sinread both the old and new testament


  5. public prayermass


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