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  1. transitional deacons
  2. successor to moses
  3. number of books in the new testament
  4. covenant in the old testament
  5. advent prepares us for...
  1. a with the israelties
  2. b the birth of Jesus and the second coming of Jesus
  3. c men who are waiting to become a priest, at a priests halfway point you take vows to become a deacon and you become one
  4. d 27
  5. e joshua

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  1. he got another soldiers wife pregnant
  2. believing in multiple Gods
  3. happens 2 times a year
  4. central teaching of the church
  5. successor of the apostles, they teach and govern, and continue the work of jesus

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  1. public prayerwhen youre alone


  2. lentcelebrates the coming of chirst


  3. vocationis what God calls you to do (god's plan for you)


  4. St. Thomas Aquinasare the truths that jesus taught in the sacred tradition


  5. gospelswas able to interpret dreams


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