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  1. Magisterium
  2. jacob was married to
  3. lent
  4. david wrong doing
  5. redemption
  1. a Leah and rachel
  2. b is the teaching office of the church, consisting of bishops and the pope
  3. c 1. there is a covenant
    2. the Israelits break it
    3. prophet is sent
    4. they change their ways
    5. everything is good
  4. d he lad lust for women and hunger for power and fame
  5. e celebrates the suffering and dying and resurrection

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  1. 27
  2. saved the egyptians from the power of the pharaoh and lead them out of Egypt
  3. 46
  4. God is presented as a warrior waging a holy war
  5. found in the new testament, means good news

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  1. jacob was re-namedisrael


  2. laitycelebrates the suffering and dying and resurrection


  3. theme of the last 7 commandmentsare the truths that jesus taught in the sacred tradition


  4. deaconsthey can be married, assist in the mass, and take religious vows


  5. difference between old and new testamentold was everything before jesus and new was after/during jesus


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