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  1. monotheistic
  2. Book of Joshua
  3. popes in the catholic church
  4. the enslavement of the israeltes
  5. theme of the first three commandments
  1. a it happens because the pharaoh saw the growing number of israeltes as a threat and moses returns to save the israeltes from Egypt.
  2. b love God
  3. c magisterium, they run the church
  4. d catholic, and one god
  5. e God is presented as a warrior waging a holy war

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  1. oversees other bishops
  2. he lad lust for women and hunger for power and fame
  3. 27
  4. abraham doesnt kill him fro God
  5. ishamel

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  1. public prayermass


  2. difference between Archdiocese and a diocesearch. is bigger


  3. characteristics of propetsthey understood that god wanted his people to come back to him with their whole selves, they live good moral lives, the all obey god, and they knew that god wanted his people to treat all people with justice.


  4. josephfound in the new testament, means good news


  5. abraham and sarah's chid was namedishamel


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