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  1. easter
  2. prophet
  3. number of books in the old testament
  4. divine revelation
  5. Joshua leading the Israelites
  1. a they have a special connection with god and understand his desire crafted and proclaimed their exhortations of their community
  2. b is not how god revealed himself in past events
  3. c 46
  4. d celebrates the resurrection of Jesus
  5. e lead to Canaan

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  1. celebrates the suffering and dying and resurrection
  2. abraham doesnt kill him fro God
  3. they have different rules, different emphasis, but they are all catholic priests
  4. genesis
  5. Leah and rachel

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  1. josephfound in the new testament, means good news


  2. davids sinhe got another soldiers wife pregnant


  3. apostolic successionmass


  4. job of the archbishopLeah and rachel


  5. number of books in the new testament46


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