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  1. propagate
  2. transgression
  3. forswear
  4. adversary
  5. disparagement
  1. a [vt.] to cause to multiply,increase, or breed
  2. b [n.] a violation of law, command, or duty
  3. c [n.] an opponent or enemy
  4. d [vt.] to renounce under oath,to swear falsely, to be guilty of perjury
  5. e [vtr.] to belittle or reduce in esteem

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  1. [adj.] foreboding, ominous
  2. [adj.] to cause death or serious injury, deadly
  3. [n.] anger, irritability
  4. [vt.] to purify, cleanse
  5. [vt.] to make something already developed greater, increase in size or quantity

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  1. forfeit[n.] surrendered


  2. wax[vi.] to increase gradually in size, number, or intensity


  3. inconstant[adj.] changing often without discernible reason; fickle


  4. assail[vt.] to attack or assault


  5. profane[vt.] to treat with irreverence, improper,degrading


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