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  1. Sack
  2. Offensive Line
  3. Safetys
  4. Kickoff
  5. Punt Return
  1. a
    What it is called when the Quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage.
  2. b Same thing as a kick return, but from a punt.
  3. c These players usually help the corners with deep-pass coverage of wide recievers.
  4. d After the PAT, the kicker kicks the ball to the other team so they have a chance to score.
  5. e These people are responsible for blocking, to try to protect the Backs. (Guard(s), Tackle(s), Center)

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  1. The people on the edge of the defensive line.
  2. This Lo's position. He kicks fieldgoals and kickoffs.
  3. The set of eleven players that have possesion of the ball at a current time, usually trying to score.
  4. Where the ball begins each play. It is the offensive goal to bring the ball further than the line of scrimmage each play, and the defensive goal to stop the offense from doing so.
  5. The six people that line up behind the offensive line. (Quarter-Back, Running Back(s), Wide Reciever(s), and Tight End(s))

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  1. Middle LinebackerThe "Quarter Back of the defense" These players try to stop running backs who make it past the defensive line, covering pass plays over the middle, and rushing the passer.


  2. Running BacksThere can be up to three of these players on the field at once. They grab the ball from the quarterback and run it as far as they can.


  3. Defensive TacklesThe people in the middle of the defensive line.


  4. Special TeamsThese players usually help the corners with deep-pass coverage of wide recievers.


  5. First DownThese people are considered hybrid players, something between a wide receiver and an offensive lineman. They are frequently called on to block, especially on running plays. However, because they are eligible receivers, they may also catch passes. They line up next to the offensive line.


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