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  1. noble gases
  2. dynamic
  3. molar volume of a gas
  4. compound
  5. ways to increase the rate of reaction
  1. a an equilibrium where changes are constant, but "cancel" eachother out
  2. b -elements in group 18
  3. c -at STP (standard temperature and pressure) *0 degrees Celsius and 1 atm
    - 1 mol has a volume of 22.L
  4. d pure substance made from two or more elements and can be broken down into separate elements
  5. e 1. increase temperature
    2. increase pressure
    3. decrease volume
    4. increase # of particles

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  1. -located on the staircase
  2. -elements in group 1 except Hydrogen
  3. when there stops being an observable change in a system, either static or dynamic
  4. 1 mol = 6.02 x 10^23
  5. # of moles/# of liters of soln

    *molarity abbreviated with M
    *when its a gas: 1mol/22.4L of soln

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  1. shift to the Rmake more reactants and using more products


  2. halogens-elements in group 17


  3. solventthe substance that usually dissolves the solute *water


  4. shift to the Lmaking more product and using more reactants


  5. endothermic-process that releases energy
    -energy is the product
    -usually, but not always, this raises
    *graph starts from high to low
    *activation energy is only first bump


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