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  1. heat
  2. speed
  3. 5 m/s
  4. time
  5. ampere
  1. a On the graph below ,______ is the independent variable.
  2. b On the graph below, the slope of the line is ( 30 m/s or ______)
  3. c On the graph below , the slope of the line represents the ________ of the object.
  4. d Rate in thermal systems is the movement of
  5. e is the unit of electric current.

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  1. is the product of the force and the distance through which the object moves.
  2. convection is used in heating and cooling systems.
  3. In physics, work is defined as
  4. All objects radiate energy in the form of
  5. The SI unit of work is the

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  1. insulatorA material that transfers heat easily is a/an


  2. accelerationThe rate of change in speed (velocity) per unit of time is


  3. rateA change that occurs over time is


  4. positionOn the graph below ,________ is the dependent variable.


  5. jouleThe SI unit of work is the


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