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  1. boom operator
  2. put all (one's) eggs in one basket
  3. cinematographer
  4. intern (v.)
  5. hairdresser
  1. a generally equivalent to director of photography (DP), used to designate a chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film
  2. b responsible for maintaining and styling the hair of anyone appearing on screen
  3. c to put all your efforts or resources into one person
  4. d part of the sound crew, who manages to keep the microphone, near to the action, but away from the camera frame
  5. e a student or a recent graduate undergoing supervised practical training

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  1. lucky to be somewhere
  2. to try
  3. the "grade" or age-appropriate rating that is given to a movie or TV show (i.e. - G, PG, PG-13, R, X, etc.)
  4. to find a wide variety of things funny
  5. prepare sets; maintaining the cleanliness of the location areas during filming; and ultimately, at the end of the filming, making sure it seems as though the film crew was never there

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  1. (have) the time of (one's) lifehaving a wonderful time


  2. coherenta part


  3. sterilelacking imagination, creativity, or vitality


  4. at the end of the dayidiom; something that you say before you say what you believe to be the most important fact of a situation


  5. topicaldated; not relating to or dealing with current affairs


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