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  1. what we call
  2. film loader
  3. be in the right place at the right time
  4. (movie) set
  5. a thriller
  1. a lucky to be somewhere
  2. b transfers motion picture film from the manufacturer's light-tight canisters to the camera magazines for attachment to the camera by the second assistant cameraman
  3. c the entire enclosure in which a (movie) is filmed
  4. d a sensational or suspenseful book, story, play, or movie
  5. e an expression used to define a word

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  1. part of the sound crew, who manages to keep the microphone, near to the action, but away from the camera frame
  2. the person who creates and records many of the sound effects
  3. the "grade" or age-appropriate rating that is given to a movie or TV show (i.e. - G, PG, PG-13, R, X, etc.)
  4. members of a film or play
  5. the person in charge of directing speech or accent in a film

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  1. genretype or category


  2. miss out onimproperly handled


  3. (be) (also) known asan expression used to define a word


  4. multitaskingannoying; irritating


  5. cinematographerthe key manager during the daily operations of a motion picture production


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