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  1. set dresser
  2. elements
  3. dolly grip
  4. location manager
  5. soundtrack
  1. a responsible for final clearing (or guaranteeing permission to use) a location for filming
  2. b the music that accompanies a movie
  3. c prepare sets; maintaining the cleanliness of the location areas during filming; and ultimately, at the end of the filming, making sure it seems as though the film crew was never there
  4. d parts
  5. e the individual who places and moves the dolly track where it is required, and then pushes and pulls the dolly along that track while filming

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  1. to not have an opportunity to participate in
  2. employed on larger productions to manage the set costumers, and to handle the star's wardrobe needs
  3. a lack of consistency, agreement, or regularity
  4. an unconditional commitment that something will happen or that something is true
  5. work with makeup, hair and special effects to create the characters look for anyone appearing on screen

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  1. stunt coordinatorless than first


  2. bargain matinee(s)a cheaper afternoon film


  3. what we callan expression used to define a word


  4. art directora person responsible for the sets and costumes in a film


  5. in synchparts


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