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  1. a type of rock that forms when sediments are pressed and cemented together, or when minerals form from solutions
  2. a model that illustrates the processes that create and change rocks
  3. a mixture of such minerals, rock fragments, volcanic glass, organic matter, or other natural minerals
  4. an igneous rock that forms below the surface

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  1. compactionwhen minerals such as quartz, calcite, and hematite are deposited between pieces of sediment. They form a natural cement and hold the sediment together like glue, making a detrital sedimentary rock


  2. non-foliatedthe type of metamorphic rocks where mineral grains line up in parallel layers


  3. sedimentsloose materials such as rock fragments, mineral grains, and bits of shell that have been moved by wind water, ice, or gravity


  4. lavamagma that is on the surface is called


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