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  1. is a form of paradox that combines a pair of opposite terms into a single unusual expression: e.g., "sweet sorrow" or "cold fire."
  2. occurs when a situation turns out differently from what one would normally expect-though often the twist is oddly appropriate: e.g., a deep sea diver drowning in a bathtub is ironic.
  3. is the perspective from which a narrative is told.
  4. is a comparison of two unlike things not using "like" or "as": e.g., "Time is money."
  5. is the use of words that mimic the sounds they describe: e.g., "hiss," "buzz," and "bang." When onomatopoeia is used on an extended scale in a poem, it is called imitative harmony.
  6. is a kind of metaphor that gives inanimate objects or abstract ideas human characteristics: e.g., "The wind cried in the dark."

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  1. Moodis the sequence of events or actions in a short story, novel, play, or narrative poem.


  2. Narrationis the telling of a story in writing or speaking.


  3. Prosodyis the study of sound and rhythm in poetry.


  4. Ironyoccurs in three types.


  5. Verbal ironyoccurs in three types.


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