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  1. Rehoboam
  2. Judah
  3. Jeroboam
  4. Sheol
  5. Zion
  1. a Solomon's son and heir. His pride caused all but two (Judah) of the 12 tibes to rebel against him.
  2. b Minister of Solomon who led the revolt against his son Rehoboam. First king of new northern kingdom of Israel.
  3. c Hebrew name for underworld.
  4. d Southern 2 tribes of the two dividied kingdoms of the once united Israel.
  5. e Hill on which the oldest part of Jerusalem was built. Poetic name for the city of Jerusalem.

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  1. River where Mary and Jesus were baptized. Ark was carried across by Levites here.
  2. Northern 10 tribes of the two divided kingdoms of the once united Israel.
  3. Mother of reigning king. Under David and his successors, she was a very influencial figure in the kingdom.
  4. The Keys to the Kingdom
  5. Levite priest, last of the Judges, man chosen by God to anoint a kind for Israel.

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  1. Davidic CovenantYoungest son of Jesse put into service of Saul: Harpist, Armor bearer, General.


  2. MessiahHebrew for "Anointed One"


  3. ________ was chosen by God to succeed Saul as king of Israel.David


  4. Secondary Features of Davidic Covenant1. Jerusalem is spiritual center of the world
    2. Zion covenant eclipses Sinai
    3. Temple


  5. What was Solomon's wish from God?Wisdom


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