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  1. Queen Mother
  2. Rahab
  3. Saul's Jealousy sprouted from....
  4. Jericho
  5. David
  1. a Canaanite woman of Jericho who helped Israelite spies escape. Married an Israelite. Ancestor of Jesus.
  2. b First major city to be captured by Israelites in Canaan.
  3. c When women were singing praises of David in front of Saul.
  4. d Mother of reigning king. Under David and his successors, she was a very influencial figure in the kingdom.
  5. e Youngest son of Jesse put into service of Saul: Harpist, Armor bearer, General.

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  1. Hebrew name for underworld.
  2. Levite priest, last of the Judges, man chosen by God to anoint a kind for Israel.
  3. Northern 10 tribes of the two divided kingdoms of the once united Israel.
  4. 1. Queen Mother--Mary
    2. Prime Minister--Peter
    3. Thank offering (Todah)--Eucharist
  5. Turning away from the true religion.

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  1. ________ succeeded Moses as leader of Israel.Joshua


  2. God sent Samuel to ___________ to find Saul's successor.Wisdom


  3. IshbaalMade king by Abner. Civil war w/ David. Killed by his own men.


  4. RehoboamMinister of Solomon who led the revolt against his son Rehoboam. First king of new northern kingdom of Israel.


  5. EucharistSouthern 2 tribes of the two dividied kingdoms of the once united Israel.


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