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  1. fiber
  2. circumstantial evidence
  3. patent fingerprint
  4. putrefaction
  5. accidental death
  1. a the smallest indivisible unit of a textile, it must be 100 times longer than it is wide
  2. b death that is caused by unplanned events such as drowning or a boat accident
  3. c evidence used to imply a fact but not prove it directly
  4. d a visible fingerprint that happens when fingers with blood, ink, or some other substance on them touch a surface and transfer the pattern of their fingerprint to that surface
  5. e stage of decomposition where the odor of decaying flesh is present and the corpse appears swollen

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  1. crosswise threads that are woven back and forth in a textile
  2. a folded paper used to hold evidence
  3. hair structure that secretes oil that helps keep the hair conditioned
  4. this is where the cell membrane dissolves, enzymes and other cell contents spill out and digests the surrounding tissue
  5. a hidden fingerprint made visible through the use of powders or other techniques

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  1. loopa center of a loop or whorl


  2. archa fingerprint pattern in which the ridge pattern originates from one side of the print and leaves from the other side (5%)


  3. toxicologystudy of blood


  4. Ten carda form used to record and preserve a person's fingerprints


  5. algor mortisthe cooling of the body after death. means death heat


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