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  1. crime-scene reconstruction
  2. anthropology
  3. Henry's system
  4. patent fingerprint
  5. trace evidence
  1. a small but measurable amounts of physical or biological material found at a crime scene
  2. b a hypothesis of the sequence of events from before the crime was committed through its commission
  3. c a system of classifying fingerprints that was first adopted by Scotland Yard and modified by the FBI. It helps to classify groups of fingerprints
  4. d a visible fingerprint that happens when fingers with blood, ink, or some other substance on them touch a surface and transfer the pattern of their fingerprint to that surface
  5. e study of human bones

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  1. the combination of details in the shapes and positions of ridges in fingerprints that make each unique
  2. a hidden fingerprint made visible through the use of powders or other techniques
  3. it can reveal if a body has been moved because gravity pulls the blood toward the ground
  4. study of drugs and poisons
  5. the recognizable pattern of the ridges found in the end joints of fingers that form lines on the surface of objects in a fingerprint

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  1. chain of custodystudy of drugs and poisons


  2. whorla fingerprint pattern that resembles a bull's eye (30%)


  3. circumstantial evidenceevidence that if true, proves an alleged fact, such as an eyewitness account of a crime


  4. autolysisthis is where the cell membrane dissolves, enzymes and other cell contents spill out and digests the surrounding tissue


  5. Ten carda form used to record and preserve a person's fingerprints


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