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  1. fragility
  2. civility
  3. -ment
  4. rupture
  5. tract
  1. a L. to pull
  2. b n. The condition of being easily shattered or broken.
  3. c suffix that makes a word a noun
  4. d v. To break or burst. n. The act of bursting.
  5. e n. Courteous behavior.

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  1. adj. Similar in shape and size on opposite sides of a dividing line.
  2. n. 1. A joining word; the part of speech that joins other words or groups of words. 2. A joining together.
  3. n. The foundation, the part that supports something.
  4. L. citizen
  5. n.1. Place or placement. 2. Job, rank, office. 3. Point of view, way of thinking.

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  1. poslow (L.); base or pedestal (Gk.)


  2. extractv. To put out or remove by force. To draw out by processing.
    n. A concentrated form of a substance.


  3. exposuren. 1. The result of being unprotected outside, especially in severe weather. 2. The act or result of revealing or putting in open view.


  4. bassadj. Having deep, low tones.


  5. contractionn. 1. A shortening of two words, such as isn't for "is not." 2. The thickening and hardening of a muscle in action.


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