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  1. struct
  2. reelect
  3. communicate
  4. reconstruct
  5. dispose
  1. a v. 1. To get rid of or throw away. 2. To take care of or settle.
  2. b L. to heap up, to build
  3. c v. To vote into office for another term; to chose and elect again.
  4. d v. To build again, to make over.
  5. e v. To make known, to share information together.

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  1. n. The arrangement of the parts of a whole. Something built, constructed, organized.
  2. adj. Similar in shape and size on opposite sides of a dividing line.
  3. n. The act of putting something together in an organized way; building.
  4. v. 1. The bend or throw back light, heat or sound. 2. To think back about; to consider carefully
  5. L. to put, to place

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  1. civiadj. 1. Having to do with citizens and their relation to each other and to the government. 2. Fairly courteous.


  2. civiliann. A person who is not in the military. adj. Relating to civil life, not military.


  3. fractionaladj. Having to do with a part, expressed with a numerator and a denominator.


  4. perimetern. The distance around a figure.


  5. fragilityn. The condition of being easily shattered or broken.


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