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  1. composition
  2. reflect
  3. fractional
  4. uncivilized
  5. abrupt
  1. a adj. Having to do with a part, expressed with a numerator and a denominator.
  2. b v. 1. The bend or throw back light, heat or sound. 2. To think back about; to consider carefully
  3. c adj. Sudden, without warning, unexpected.
  4. d n. 1. The act or the result of making something in writing, art or music. 2. The makeup of a thing, the mixture of parts that make the whole.
  5. e adj. 1. Without an organized or developed society, wild. 2. Acting without courtesy or consideration.

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  1. n. A break, crack or split. v. To break, crack or split.
  2. v. To break or burst. n. The act of bursting.
  3. L. to pull
  4. suffix that makes a word a noun
  5. n. 1. A response. 2. The production of a chemical change in substances.

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  1. fragmentn. The lowest floor, partly or fully below the ground.


  2. destructiveadj. Tearing down; likely to discourage, ruin, destroy, put an end to.


  3. tractionn. The power to grip or hold to a surface. A pulling on part of the body to help in.


  4. civiadj. 1. Having to do with citizens and their relation to each other and to the government. 2. Fairly courteous.


  5. posL. to put, to place


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