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  1. symmetrical
  2. bas
  3. traction
  4. protractor
  5. relate
  1. a n. A semicurcular device for drawing and measuring angles.
  2. b n. The power to grip or hold to a surface. A pulling on part of the body to help in.
  3. c adj. Similar in shape and size on opposite sides of a dividing line.
  4. d v. 1. To have a connection with. 2. To tell.
  5. e low (L.); base or pedestal (Gk.)

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  1. n. A break, crack or split. v. To break, crack or split.
  2. n. 1. A response. 2. The production of a chemical change in substances.
  3. v. To put out or remove by force. To draw out by processing.
    n. A concentrated form of a substance.
  4. L. to pull
  5. L. order

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  1. civicsL. citizen


  2. constructionn. 1. A shortening of two words, such as isn't for "is not." 2. The thickening and hardening of a muscle in action.


  3. disposev. 1. To get rid of or throw away. 2. To take care of or settle.


  4. communicatev. To make known, to share information together.


  5. civiladj. 1. Having to do with citizens and their relation to each other and to the government. 2. Fairly courteous.


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