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  1. composition
  2. reconstruct
  3. fragility
  4. communicate
  5. abrupt
  1. a v. To build again, to make over.
  2. b adj. Sudden, without warning, unexpected.
  3. c n. The condition of being easily shattered or broken.
  4. d n. 1. The act or the result of making something in writing, art or music. 2. The makeup of a thing, the mixture of parts that make the whole.
  5. e v. To make known, to share information together.

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  1. n. The act of putting something together in an organized way; building.
  2. n. A line passing through the center of a circle from one side to the other.
  3. n. 1. A response. 2. The production of a chemical change in substances.
  4. n. The distance around a figure.
  5. L. citizen

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  1. relatev. 1. To have a connection with. 2. To tell.


  2. thermaladj. Warm, hot, having to do with heat.


  3. fracturen. A break, crack or split. v. To break, crack or split.


  4. structuren. A break, crack or split. v. To break, crack or split.


  5. symmetricaladj. Similar in shape and size on opposite sides of a dividing line.


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