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  1. basement
  2. bas
  3. metronome
  4. extract
  5. geometry
  1. a n. The area of mathematics that deals with lines, angles, and figure and their measurements.
  2. b v. To put out or remove by force. To draw out by processing.
    n. A concentrated form of a substance.
  3. c n. A device that marks the beat for musicians.
  4. d n. The lowest floor, partly or fully below the ground.
  5. e low (L.); base or pedestal (Gk.)

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  1. n. 1. A joining word; the part of speech that joins other words or groups of words. 2. A joining together.
  2. adj. More than ordinary, beyond what is expected; remarkable
  3. L. to heap up, to build
  4. Gk. measure
  5. Gk. heat

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  1. frac/fragadj. Having to do with a part, expressed with a numerator and a denominator.


  2. exposuren. 1. The result of being unprotected outside, especially in severe weather. 2. The act or result of revealing or putting in open view.


  3. reconstructv. To build again, to make over.


  4. relateto break; to burst


  5. civicsn. The study of a citizen's rights and duties in a society.


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