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  1. contraction
  2. position
  3. reconstruct
  4. interruption
  5. rupt
  1. a n.1. Place or placement. 2. Job, rank, office. 3. Point of view, way of thinking.
  2. b n. 1. A shortening of two words, such as isn't for "is not." 2. The thickening and hardening of a muscle in action.
  3. c to break; to burst
  4. d v. To build again, to make over.
  5. e n. The act of breaking in on.

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  1. v. To disturb, to break into or destroy orderly progress.
  2. v. 1. To have a connection with. 2. To tell.
  3. n. The power to grip or hold to a surface. A pulling on part of the body to help in.
  4. adj. Tearing down; likely to discourage, ruin, destroy, put an end to.
  5. v. To break or burst. n. The act of bursting.

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  1. structurev. To break or burst. n. The act of bursting.


  2. basisadj. Having deep, low tones.


  3. bassadj. Having deep, low tones.


  4. basementsuffix that makes a word a noun


  5. -mentsuffix that makes a word a noun


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