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  1. struct
  2. pos
  3. reconstruct
  4. ord
  5. position
  1. a L. to heap up, to build
  2. b v. To build again, to make over.
  3. c L. to put, to place
  4. d L. order
  5. e n.1. Place or placement. 2. Job, rank, office. 3. Point of view, way of thinking.

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  1. low (L.); base or pedestal (Gk.)
  2. n. The lowest floor, partly or fully below the ground.
  3. v. To make known, to share information together.
  4. adj. 1. Having to do with citizens and their relation to each other and to the government. 2. Fairly courteous.
  5. n. The condition of being easily shattered or broken.

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  1. civicsn. The study of a citizen's rights and duties in a society.


  2. coordinatev. To bring together to work smoothly


  3. fracturen. A break, crack or split. v. To break, crack or split.


  4. interruptionn. The power to grip or hold to a surface. A pulling on part of the body to help in.


  5. constructionn. 1. A joining word; the part of speech that joins other words or groups of words. 2. A joining together.


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