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  1. Additional illness that either has an effect on the patient's primary illness or is also treated during the encounter.
  2. In ICD-9_CM, a four-digit code number .
  3. The World in bold- face type that identifies a diseases or condition in the alphabetic index in ICD-9-CM.
  4. Typographic techniques or standard practices that provide visual guidelines for understanding printed material.
  5. Directions in printed material that tell a reader where to look for additional information.
  6. An alphanumeric code in the ICD-9-CMthat identifies factors that influence health status and encounters that are not due to illness or injury

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  1. DXAbbreviation for diagnosis.


  2. Sub termA word or phrase that describes a main term in the alphabetic Index of ICD-9-CM.


  3. Tabular ListThe section of the ICD-9-CM in which diagnosis codes are presented in numerical order.


  4. Alphabetic IndexThe section of the ICD-9 CM in which diseases and injuries with corresponding diagnosis codes are presented in alphabetic order.


  5. Primary DiagnosisA diagnosis that represents the patient's major illness or condition for an encounter


  6. International Classification of Diseases , Ninth Revision, Clinical Classification (ICD-9-CM)A publication containing the HIPAA- mandated Standardized classification system for diseases and injuries; developed by the World Health Organization and modified for use in the United States.


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