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  1. What is an example of man vs. man conflict in the novel.
  2. Why are there protests in alfred's neighborhood
  3. What is the setting
  4. Why does Alfred live with Aunt Pearl
  5. In chapter 11 when Alfredsees james in the clubroom, what James doing
  1. a james is doing drugs and drinking alcohol
  2. b Alfred lives with Aunt Pearl because his dad left and his mom died
  3. c Alfred vs. Hubbard
  4. d Harlem, new york
  5. e African American groups are protesting the way they are treated by the white community

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  1. Alfred's fight against Hubbard
  2. Alfred thinks about becoming an after school mentor for children in his neighborhood
  3. Alfred forgets about the alarm
  4. third person
  5. alfred learns that he used to be a boxer named Ligtening Lou Epp

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  1. Why is dr. coreyimportant to the gymDr. Corey makes custom mouth pieces for the fighters


  2. What does it mean to be a contenderIt is more important to do something well, than to win


  3. Who is Dr. CoreyJeff is Alfred's counsin


  4. Who is JeffJeff is Alfred's counsin


  5. Why does major call Alfred "Ole uncle Alfred"Alfred lives with Aunt Pearl because his dad left and his mom died


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