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  1. Tituba
  2. Court of Oyer and Terminer
  3. Cotton Mather
  4. Giles Cory
  5. Increase Mather
  1. a area minister who believed strongly in the Devil but in the end was able to help end the hysteria; father of Cotton Mather
  2. b Carribean slave of the Parris family; read the girls' palm
  3. c area minister that believed so strongly in witches and the power of the Devil that he encouraged the hysteria; son of Increase
  4. d an emergency court set up to hear the cases of those accused of witchcraft
  5. e 80-year old farmer; accused; pressed to death because he refused to plead so there would not be a trial so his children could inherit the land

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  1. well known, well respected landowner in the community; leader of the "new" group
  2. sickly daughter of Samuel Parris, an "afflicted" girl
  3. new governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony
  4. chief magistrate of court
  5. a British solid gold coin (Sarah recieves three of these when she went before the tribunal, one for every sister and life accused)

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  1. Rebecca Nurseoldest sister of Sarah and Mary; accused


  2. Joseph PutnamThomas and Ann Putnam's daughter; an "afflicted" girl


  3. Sarah GoodSarah's young daughter; four years old when accused for being a Devil's familiar


  4. Salem Villagerural, agricultural area about 10 miles inland from Salem Town, though it has the same tax base but different parish; called Danvers today


  5. Dorcy Goodhomeless woman; accused


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