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  1. spectral evidence
  2. Peter Cloyce
  3. Sarah Good
  4. Increase Mather
  5. Court of Oyer and Terminer
  1. a area minister who believed strongly in the Devil but in the end was able to help end the hysteria; father of Cotton Mather
  2. b instances in which the specter of a person was seen perfoming acts of witchcraft while the person was in another place unaware of what was happening
  3. c homeless woman; accused
  4. d an emergency court set up to hear the cases of those accused of witchcraft
  5. e Sarah Cloyce's husband, leader of the "new" group

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  1. oldest sister of Sarah and Mary; accused
  2. new minister of Salem Village; his hiring was a very controversial thing, Thomas and Joseph Putnam split over it
  3. any common animal that appeared to be possesed by the Devil's spirit through the witches, and could be made to do their bidding
  4. magistrate
  5. niece of Samuel Parris, an "afflicted" girl

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  1. TitubaCarribean slave of the Parris family; read the girls' palm


  2. Giles Cory80-year old farmer; accused; pressed to death because he refused to plead so there would not be a trial so his children could inherit the land


  3. Joseph Putnamyounger half-brother of Thomas Putnam; inherited the money/land from their father; a friend of the "new" Cloyce group


  4. Sir William Phipsnew governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony


  5. Bette Parrissickly daughter of Samuel Parris, an "afflicted" girl


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