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  1. affliction
  2. heed
  3. pedestrian
  4. nutritious
  5. oppress
  1. a (V.) to govern or rule cruelly or unjustly; to weigh heavily upon syn: mistreat, persecute, grind underfoot ant: pamper, coddle, free, liberate
  2. b (v),to pay careful attention to, notice, to be guided by; (n). close attention or consideration syn: listen to, attend ant:ignore, disregard
  3. c (N.) one who goes on foot; (Adj.) relating to walking; on foot; ordinary, dull, unimaginative syn: commonplace, prosaic ant: driver, rider, original, novel
  4. d (n) a physical ailiment; a cuase of pain or trouble misofrtune syn:illness, woe, torment, anguish ant:blessing, boon, joy
  5. e (adj).nourishing,valuable and satisfying as food. syn: healthful, wholesome

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  1. (adj) having similar qualities or character; related by blood syn: kindred, like, conparable ant: unrelated,
  2. (n) a public entertainment marking a special event, a festive occasion, (adj) festive, showy syn: extravagnza, fete, spectaculare, grand
  3. (adj) Flashy, Showy, Not in good taste syn: garish, loud, vulgar ant: restrained, quiet, sober, sedate, tasteful
  4. (adj.)poor,scant,unsatisfactory;thin,slight. syn: scanty, skimpy, sparse ant: ample, plentiful, abundant, lavish
  5. unnaturally pale or sickly looking, lacking vitality, dim, weak,faint, ineffectual syn: ashen, pasty, psllid, bloodless, gaunt ant: rosy, ruddy, blooming, radiant

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  1. vanquish(adj) Flashy, Showy, Not in good taste syn: garish, loud, vulgar ant: restrained, quiet, sober, sedate, tasteful


  2. elongate(v) to grow in length, become larger; to extend the length of syn: lengthen, stretch, protract ant: shorten, abbreviate, contract, curtail


  3. inflate(V.) to fill with air or gas; to swell or puff out; to make something appear larger than it is. syn: blow up, pump up, enlarge, exaggerate, ant: deflate, flatten, diminish


  4. impartial(Adj.) Just, unbiased, fair, not taking sides syn:disinterested, nuetral, objective, ant: one- sided, prejusiced, baised,partial


  5. cosmopolitan(N). a swindler, deceiver; one who uses a false name or character in order to cheat syn:cheat, trickster, four- flushed, pretender


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