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  1. Past Participle
  2. Doe vs. Plyer
  3. TPR
  4. ESL Pullout
  5. Psycholinguistic
  1. a The study of psychological states and mental activity associated with the use of language
  2. b Total Physical Response invented by James Asher. The learner responds to language input with body motions
  3. c LEP students are 'pulled out' of regular, mainstream classrooms for special instruction in ESL.
  4. d Public schools are prohibited from denying immigrant students access to public education
  5. e Verb ending in 'ed' (cleaned, scared)

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  1. Air flow is constricted, but not stopped. (fluff, verve, sip, hop, she, sip
  2. Includes test taking techniques and study skills
  3. Teachers are bilingual and have an ESL endorsement and use the students' native language to clarify English instructions
  4. A period of time when ESL students do not speak (2 weeks to 1 Year)
  5. A federally mandated questionnaire that school administer to newly enrolled students to determin whether a language other than English is spoken in the home

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  1. PhonemeWords with similar roots in L1 and L2. Should be pointed out to students


  2. CognatesWords with similar roots in L1 and L2. Should be pointed out to students


  3. Dual immersion50/50 both content and literacy in both languages. (Horace Mann in Wichita)


  4. Explicit InstructionProviding definitions and examples. Pronounce, explain, provide examples, elaborate, and assess. Step by Step - carefully organized systematic instruction


  5. Silent WayTeacher remains mostly silent and students are encouraged to discover rules and solve problems on their own. Learning through discovery.


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