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The Standards of prehospital emergency care and the individuals who provide it are typically regulated by the

state office of EMS

an individual would MOST likely be denied certification as an EMT-B if he or she.

Has a felony conviction

EMT-B Training in nearly every State fallows or exceeds the guidelines recommended by the.

U.S Department of Transportation

what statement regarding the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) is correct

The NREMT provides a national standard of EMS testing

What is a unique function of the Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD)

providing callers with live-saving instructions

what type of medical direction so staying orders and protocols describe?


Although transportation time to a specialty center may be slightly longer the to a local emergency department

the patent will receive definitive care more quickly

the self-control needed to perform effectively when confronted with a horrifying event or life-threataning situation is developed through all of the following EXCEPT

an effective partner

what statement is MOST consistent with the bargaining phase of the grieving process

"I will be compliant with all my medications is I can just see my grandson graduate"

the final stage of death and dying is MOST commonly displayed as


which statement would NOT be appropriate to say to a family of a dying patent

"things will get better in time"

The chemical and physical reactions commonly referred to as the "fight or flight" response involve interaction of the

nervous and endocrine systems

what would be a scenario MOST accurately depicting a posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) reaction

an EMT-B becomes distracted at the scene of a motor-vehical crash involving the same type of car that a child was previously killed in

critical incident stress management (CISM) can offer at an ongoing scene in all of the fallowing circumstances, EXCEPT

when patients are actively being assessed or treated

the manner in which the EMT-B must act and behave when caring for a patient is called the

standard of care

in which of the fallowing situations does the EMT-B NOT have legal duty to act?

you come upon a motor-vehical crash wile off duty

the EMT-B should MOST likely be held liable for abandonment if he/she

did not make provisions for the continued care an injured patient

which type of consent allows treatment of a patient who is unconscious of mentally incapacitated?


what statement regarding the Good Samaritan Law is correct?

it will not protect you in cases of negligence

in order for a DNR order to be valid it must

clearly state the patients medical problem

your BEST protection against legal liability when a compete patient refuses EMS care and transport is to

thoroughly document the entire event

is the mastoid a facial bone?


the primary function of the right atrium is to

receive blood form the vena cava

what is true about smooth muscles

a person has no voluntary control over smooth muscles

which organ lies in the lateral and posterior portion of the left upper quadrant (LUQ) of the abdomen


the normal stimulus to breath in a healthy patient is on

low levels of carbon dioxide

which artery does NOT carry highly-oxygenated blood


what are central pulses

femoral, carotid

when you shine a light into one pupil, the normal reaction of the other pupil should be to

become smaller

clinical signs of labored breathing do not include what

shallow chest movement

which of the following statements regarding patients breathing is correct
a) chest of infant or small child is more marked than in an adult
b) the sniffing position is an atypical sign of pediatric labored breathing
c) abdominal movement is more prominent in a child that it is in an adult
b) it is easy to deter main effective breathing by observing a child's chest

c) abdominal movement is more prominent in a child that it is in an adult

a 44-year old construction worker fell form approx 20ft he is unconscious and unresponsive with slow shallow respiration after completing you rapid assessment and caring for immediately life threatening conditions you priority should be to

package the patient and rapidly transport

which MOST accurately describes "chief complaint"

the major signs and symptoms that the patient reports when asked

a patient with profuse sweating is referred to as being


a patient with spontaneous respirations is breathing

without assistance

you are attempting to resuscitate a 50-year old male in cardiac arrest he is on the second floor of his home what is the MOST appropriate device to use when carrying him to the first floor

long backboard

the direct carry is used to transfer a patient

from a bed to the ambulance stretcher

the proper technique for using a power grip is to

lift with your palms up

in what situation is the emergence move needed

inability to protect patient from scene hazards

you should not use rapid extraction techniques should not be used with

a patient who can properly assessed while still in the vehicle

the FIRST rule of safe lifting is to

keep your back in a straight, vertical position

when carrying a patient on a backboard up or down stairs

keep the head elevated

the MOST common significant complication of using a flow-restrictied oxygen powered ventilation device is

gastric distention

which structure is NOT found in the upper airway


the leaf shaped structure located superior to the larynx is called the


the actual exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs in the

alveolar sacs

in contrast to inhalation exhalation

is a passive process caused by increased intrathoracic pressure

irreversible brain damage and death are almost assured if the body's cells are deprived of oxygen for greater than

10 Minets

what is a late sign of hypoxia


what is an example adequate breathing

conscious with respirations of 22 breaths/min and pink skin

an adult at rest should have a respiratory rate that ranges between

12-20 breaths/min

an unconscious patient found in a prime position must be placed in a supine position in case he/she

needs CPR

as a singe EMT-B managing an apneic patient's airway the preferred initial method of providing ventilations is the

mouth-to-mask with one way valve

what does NOT minimize the risk of gastric distention in an apneic patient being ventilated with a BVM

increasing the amount of delivered title volume

an example of someone without altered mental status would be someone who

a patient with an acute allergic reaction and dizziness

you respond to the scene of a car crash. upon arrival you find a young girl sitting on the curb other than a small abrasion to her forehead she does not to appear to be seriously injured as you preform your initial assessment on the patient a police officer advises you that the husband, the driver of the car, was killed in the crash what should you do next

complet the initial assessment and preform a rapid trama assessment

upon arriving at a potentially unsafe scene you should

ensure that you are safe

when auscultating the blood pressure in a patients upper extremity you should place the diaphragm (head) of the stethoscope over the_______artery


treatment and transport priorities at the scene of a mass causality incident should be determined after

all the patients have been triaged

what activities should NOT be preformed during the scene size up

rapidly assessing the patient respiratory status

when is it MOST appropriate to consider requesting additional ambulances at an accident scene

when you determine there are multiple patients

what type of communications equipment functions as a radio receiver and searches across several frequencies


general guidelines for effective radio communication do not include

using 10 codes to insure confidentiality

the official transfer of patient care does not occur until the EMT-B

gives an oral report to the emergency room physician of nurse

you are transporting a 54 year old male in cardiac arrest a first responder is driving the ambulance as out and your partner attempt to resuscitate the patient why is the most logical easy way of notifying the hospital

have the driver contact dispatch and relay the patient info to the hospital

in the eyes of the law a poorly written patient care fore indicates that

patient care was inadequate or haphazard

which charge can be brought against you if you injure the reputation of a patient by making a derogatory remark


when relaying patient info via radio communications should be

brief and organized

an EMT-B may assist a patient with his of her prescribed nitro if

authorized from medical control has been obtained

a subcutaneous injection is given by pinching the skin and inserting a ___ needle at a ___ angle

1/2" 45

when gathering a patients meds you find the following isordil lasix and motrin and digoxin which of these meds can be obtained over-the-counter (OTC)


you are despatched to a movie theater for a 39 year old female with signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction as you asses her she pulls out an epi pen and hands it to you after administrating 100% oxygen you should

contact medical control

what med form is oral glucose


the ____ of medications determines the rout by with it will be administrated


what med rout delivers a drug through the skin over an extended period of time such as a nitro or nicotine patch


asthma is caused by a response of the

immune system

a 30 year old man presents with acute shortness of breath widespread hives and facial swelling he denys any past history and takes no meds during your assessment you hear wheezing over all lung fields he's bp is 90/50 hg his heart rate id 110 beats/min in addition to giving him 100% oxygen the MOST important treatment is


common signs and symptoms of acute hyperventilation syndrome include

tachypnea and tingling in the extremities

what conditions would most likely prevent effective exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs

pulmonary arterial occlusion

dyspnea is most accurately defined as

shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

the respiratory distress that accompanies emphysema is caused by

chronic stretching of the alveolar walls

what not a characteristic of inadequate breathing

pink warm skin dry skin

angina pectoris occurs when

myocardial oxygen demand exceeds the supply

the electric impulse generated by the heart originates in the

sinus node

the EMT-B should use an automates external defibrillator (AED) on a child over 1 year of age if

pediatric pads and an energy reducing device are available

prior to defibrillating a patient with and AED it is most important that you

ensure that no one is touching the patient

what med is commonly given to patients with chest pain to prevent the formation of blood clots


wich of the following statements regarding the AED and defibrillation is MOST correct

the AED will not analyze a moving patient

when the myocardium requires more oxygen

the arteries supplying the the heart dilate

the three major parts of the brain are

cerebrum cerebellum and brain stem

you are sent to a home of a 66 year old man who according to family members has suffered a massive stroke you initial assessment reviles that the patient is pulseless and apenic you should

initiate CPR and attach an AED as soon as possible

interruption of cerebral blood flow may result from

cerebral vasodilation

when obtaining medical history info from a family of a suspected stroke patient it is most important to determine

when the patient last appeared normal

what assessment parameter is not included on the cincinnati stroke scale


what glasgow coma scale (GCS) score would you assign to a patient who responds to painful stimuli uses inappropriate words and flexes his arms in response to pain


febrile seizures

are usually benign but should be evaluated

pain that is localized to the lower back or lower abdominal quadrants is MOST suggestive of a kidney infection

a kidney infection

what is true about an ectopic pregnancy

signs of an ectopic pregnancy usually present within the first 6-8 weeks of pregnancy

when asking a patient if his/her abdominal pain "moves anywhere" you are establishing the presence or absence of

radiating pain

patients with acute abdominal pain should not be given anything by mouth because

a full stomach may make emergency surgery dangerous

you are transporting a 49 year old male with "tearing" abdominal pain you are approximately 30 miles away front the closest hospital during your ongoing assessment you determine that the patients condition has deteriorated significantly you should

consider requesting ALS unit

a 59 year old man presents with sudden onset of severe lower back pain he is conscious and alert but very restless and diaphoretic you assessment reveals a pulsating mass on the left of is umbilicus you should

administer oxygen and prepare for immediate transport

an important aspect in the treatment of a patient with severe abdominal pain is to

provide emotional support on the way to the hospital

what statement regarding oral glucose is correct

the brain requires glucose as much as it requires oxygen

type I diabetes

a condition in which no insulin is produces in the body

a 19 year old contains of not feeling right his insulin and a syringe and on a nearby table the patient says he thinks he took his insulin and can't remember whether or not he ate he is unable to tell you the time or what the date is i addition to administering oxygen you should

contact medical control and administer oral glucose

classic signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia include

cool clammy skin weakness tachycardia rapid respirations

in contrast to insulin shock diabetic coma

can only be corrected in the hospital setting

diabetic ketoacidosis occurs when

insulin is not available in the body

normal blood glucose levels as measured by a glucometer are

80-120 mg/dL

when administering epinephrin via auto injector you should hold the injector in place for

10 seconds

urticaria is a medical term for


anaphylaxis is most commonly defined as a/an

extreme allergic reaction that may affect multiple body systems

the foreign substance responsible for causing an allergic reaction is called a


the two most common signs of anaphylaxis are

wheezing and diffuse urticaria

most patients who die from anaphylaxis do so within the first

30 minuets of exposure

a 38 year old female was bitten by fire ants while at the pack with her kids you r initial assessment reveals that she is semiconscious, has profoundly labored breathing with reduced tidal volume and has rapid thready pulse she has a red rash on her body and her face appears swollen you should

assist ventilations with 100% oxygen

a 3-year old female ingested several leaves from a plant in the living room the child's mother is not sure what type of plant it is stating that she bought is simply because it was pretty after completing your initial assessment of the child you should

contact the regional poison control center

a poison that enters the body by______________is the MOST difficult to treat


the MOST common route for poisonings is


a 49 year old male presents with confusion and visual hallucinations the patients wife tells you that he is a "heavy drinker" and she thinks he has a seizure shortly before your arrival the patient is MOST likely experiencing

delirium tremens (DTs)

an overdoes on acetaminophen (Tylenol) will MOST likely cause

liver failure

a hypnotic drug is one that

induces sleep

after administering activated charcoal to a patient it is MOTS important to

be alert for vomiting

rough handling of a hypothermic patient with a pulse may cause

ventricular fibrillation

patients with generalized hypothermia are at an increased risk of a local cold injury because

blood is shunted away from the extremities to the body's core

when the body loses sweat it also loses


geriatric patients newborns and infants are especially prone to hypothermia because they

exhibit poor thermoregulation

when assessing a hypothermic patient you should palpate for a carotid pulse for approximately____________seconds before determining that he/she is pulseless

30-45 seconds

when a warm hand is immersed in water that is 70 degrees heat is transferred from the hand to the water through a process called


what meds increase a persons risk of heat-realted emergency


from a mental health standpoint an abnormal or disturbing pattern of behavior is a matter of concern if it lasts for at least

4 weeks

which of the following statutes regarding a detailed physical exam of a patient with a behavioral emergency is MOST correct
A) it is critical that the EMT-B performs a detailed physical on all patients with a behavioral emergency in order to detect potential underlying problems
B) the detailed physical exam may be detrimental to gaining the patents trust and should not be preformed unless there is an accompanying physical complaint
C) the detailed physical exam is an integral part of the assessment process of a patient with a behavioral emergence but it should not be preformed en route to to the hospital
D) preforming a detailed physical exam on a patient with a behavioral emergency will likely cause him/her to become agitated or violent and should not be preformed


you respond to a call for an "unknown emergency" when you arrive at the scene the patient's husband meets you at the door and states that his wife has beed depressed and has locked herself in the bedroom he further tells you that he keeps his .45 caliber handgun in the bedroom you should

remain in a safe place and request law enforcement

when assessing patient with a behavioral crises you should

be as direct and clearly state your intentions

it is MOST important for the EMT-B to remember that suicidal patients may

be homicidal as well

a 40 year old mail intentionally cut his wrists out of anger after losing his high paying job law enforcement has secured the scene prior to you arrival as you enter the residence and visualize the patient you car see that he has a towel around his wrist and a moderate amount of bleeding has soaked through it you should

calmly identify yourself to the patient

what is an example of a functional behavior disorder


all of the following are pertinent to ask a mother when determining whether or not her baby will deliver within the next few minuets EXEPT
A)"when are you due"
B)"is this your firs baby?"
C)"have you has a sonogram?"
D)"do you feel the urge to push?"


supine hypotensive syndrom occurs when

the gravid uterus compresses the inferior vena cave

what is a proper statement regarding twins

fraternal twins have two cords coming from the placenta

a newborn infant will usually begin breathing spontaneously within_____seconds following birth


following delivery of a full-term baby you have a properly cared for the baby and have clamped and cut the umbilical cord during transport you both that the mother is experiencing vaginal bleeding you should

firmly message the uterine fundus with a circular motion

true of false
the placenta allows oxygen carbon dioxide and other products to transfer between the mother and the fetus but does not allow blood to mix


the meiotic fluid serves to

insulate and protect the fetus

the onset of labor begins with

contractions of the uterus

a 30 year old pregnant woman is gravida-3 and para-2 this means that she is

given birth to 2 live babies

braxton-hicks contractions are characterized by

alleviation pain with movement or changing positions

a placenta previa is MOST accurately defined as

a rupture of the amniotic sac just before the contractions begin

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