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  1. engulf
  2. splendor
  3. pioneer
  4. friction
  5. disrespect
  1. a extreme brightness
  2. b a person who settles in new territory, preparing it for others
    to prepare or open up for others to follow
  3. c to swallow up or enclose
    to overwhelm
  4. d a scraping of one thing against another
  5. e rudeness

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  1. to stir or shake
  2. a duty under personal feeling or law
  3. a band of color formed when light is dispersed through a prism
  4. to set free
    to deliver
    to release
  5. to change from one form or use to another

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  1. negotiateto come to an agreement
    to talk about


  2. scoundrelto change from one form or use to another


  3. administrationthe managing of a business, school, or office
    authoritative control over the business of others


  4. gullya trench made by heavy rains or running water


  5. trudgeto walk with effort


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