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  1. obligation
  2. friction
  3. gully
  4. inept
  5. convert
  1. a clumsy or awkward
  2. b a duty under personal feeling or law
  3. c a scraping of one thing against another
  4. d a trench made by heavy rains or running water
  5. e to change from one form or use to another

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  1. to stir or shake
  2. a reason that gives a right
    to justify or give a good reasonfor
  3. the managing of a business, school, or office
    authoritative control over the business of others
  4. to set free
    to deliver
    to release
  5. unable to pay debts as declared by a court of law

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  1. disrespectrudeness


  2. engulfa trench made by heavy rains or running water


  3. trudgeto speak or act furiously
    violet fury


  4. destructiveto walk with effort


  5. splendora person who settles in new territory, preparing it for others
    to prepare or open up for others to follow


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