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  1. jubilee
  2. vexation
  3. strategy
  4. salaam
  5. evasiveness
  1. a skill in dodging something, usually by the use of cunning; used chiefly in the abstract sense, it means avoiding either the issue or a definitive verbal commitment
  2. b a Middle-Eastern greeting in which one bows very low
  3. c skill in maneuvering or planning
  4. d a celebration, a time or occasion of rejoicing
  5. e strong annoyance, milder than anger

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  1. a devilish scheme fit only for, or devised by, a devil
  2. unquestioning, implied; implied permission
  3. enjoyment, satisfaction, or leniency (either yours or permitted by you for others)
  4. cunning
  5. approval of something questionable by seeming to overlook it

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  1. exultantclearly stated


  2. torporsluggishness from temporary loss of physical powers due to a cause such as very cold weather


  3. inertLatin, to place


  4. reposequick, alert and deft of mind or body


  5. infernalhellish, fiendish


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