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  1. exultant
  2. diabolic(al)
  3. implied
  4. strategy
  5. erratic
  1. a irregular, wandering, having no fixed course; large rock deposited by a glacier
  2. b a devilish scheme fit only for, or devised by, a devil
  3. c to make something understood without expressing it directly
  4. d joyful, jubilant
  5. e skill in maneuvering or planning

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  1. a protecting escort at sea or a group of ships being escorted
  2. someone unwilling to act or lead and therefore always wants someone else to take the initiative
  3. a curse
  4. Latin, to wander
  5. exhaustion caused by lack of food or water or as a result of disease; lethargy

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  1. cortegeLatin, to place


  2. piquea group of attendants


  3. resentmentclear seeing; may be mental insight or physical vision


  4. autocratnot sufficiently restrained


  5. wilinesscunning


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