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Word Wealth: Part One, Unit Seven Test

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  1. refugee
  2. err
  3. execrable
  4. exultant
  5. extravagant
  1. a lavish
  2. b to wanderer from the path of virtue, duty, or truth
  3. c joyful, jubilant
  4. d one who flees from home or homeland to escape some human or natural danger
  5. e a temper that is bad, ugly, hellish - literally worthy of curses

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. in military affairs, specific devices and operations
  2. flexible, yielding in mind or body, quick to respond and adapt
  3. aid, help
  4. enjoyment, satisfaction, or leniency (either yours or permitted by you for others)
  5. meaninglessness or senselessness that suggests a lack of understanding or intelligence

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  1. insolenceinsulting behavior, impudence


  2. discernmenthellish, fiendish


  3. curtsya once-popular woman's salutation, a dipping of the body


  4. genuflectionwholehearted rejoicing; more vociferous than exultation


  5. aberrationstrong annoyance, milder than anger


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