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  1. torpor
  2. resentment
  3. strategy
  4. indulgence
  5. supple
  1. a skill in maneuvering or planning
  2. b flexible, yielding in mind or body, quick to respond and adapt
  3. c enjoyment, satisfaction, or leniency (either yours or permitted by you for others)
  4. d restrained, slow-burning anger
  5. e sluggishness from temporary loss of physical powers due to a cause such as very cold weather

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  1. a celebration, a time or occasion of rejoicing
  2. rage, fury, or intense anger, with a desire to punish or to avenge a misdeed or offense
  3. inactive or lifeless
  4. a place of storage for objects, ideas, or materials, especially of cultural value
  5. lazy and inactive

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  1. autocrata tyrannical person who may dominate a schoolroom, a home, a business, or a nation


  2. fugitiveone who flees, a runaway


  3. stupora deadened state of mind, as from drugs or shock


  4. reposerest, quiet


  5. dormantliterally a temporary condition of inactivity like sleep


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