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  1. strategy
  2. cortege
  3. knight-errantry
  4. acute
  5. infernal
  1. a sharp, severe, perceptive
  2. b skill in maneuvering or planning
  3. c hellish, fiendish
  4. d a procession of followers or attendants
  5. e the profession of a knight-errant

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  1. beyond reason, without restraint
  2. restrained, slow-burning anger
  3. clearly stated
  4. someone unwilling to act or lead and therefore always wants someone else to take the initiative
  5. meaninglessness or senselessness that suggests a lack of understanding or intelligence

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  1. implicitunquestioning, implied; implied permission


  2. indulgenceenjoyment, satisfaction, or leniency (either yours or permitted by you for others)


  3. ponereinactive or lifeless


  4. inanesenseless, empty


  5. inertinactive or lifeless


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