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  1. inanition
  2. genuflection
  3. dormant
  4. exorbitant
  5. pausare
  1. a exhaustion caused by lack of food or water or as a result of disease; lethargy
  2. b excessive, unreasonable (in what one asks); applies mainly to prices, values and qualities
  3. c literally a temporary condition of inactivity like sleep
  4. d Latin, to pause or rest
  5. e knee-bending in worship

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  1. the profession of a knight-errant
  2. hellish, fiendish
  3. justifiable anger
  4. a tyrant belonging more likely to a regular line of succession
  5. strong hostility, usually personal

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  1. exasperationa curse


  2. sanctionstrong annoyance, milder than anger


  3. errto wanderer from the path of virtue, duty, or truth


  4. warrantliterally a temporary condition of inactivity like sleep


  5. wilinesssenseless, empty


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