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  1. wiliness
  2. immoderate
  3. wrath
  4. vexation
  5. tactic
  1. a not sufficiently restrained
  2. b strong annoyance, milder than anger
  3. c cunning
  4. d rage, fury, or intense anger, with a desire to punish or to avenge a misdeed or offense
  5. e in military affairs, specific devices and operations

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  1. to wanderer from the path of virtue, duty, or truth
  2. a deadened state of mind, as from drugs or shock
  3. Chinese kind of obeisance
  4. skill in maneuvering or planning
  5. meaninglessness or senselessness that suggests a lack of understanding or intelligence

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  1. succoraid, help


  2. erratica substitute material that is usually inferior


  3. inertinactive or lifeless


  4. errareLatin, to wander


  5. exultantclearly stated


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