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  1. execrable
  2. extravagant
  3. knight-errant
  4. erratic
  5. wiliness
  1. a a temper that is bad, ugly, hellish - literally worthy of curses
  2. b lavish
  3. c cunning
  4. d irregular, wandering, having no fixed course; large rock deposited by a glacier
  5. e a wandering knight

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  1. one who flees, a runaway
  2. in military affairs, includes methods and plans in the largest sense
  3. rage, fury, or intense anger, with a desire to punish or to avenge a misdeed or offense
  4. strong annoyance, milder than anger
  5. flexible, yielding in mind or body, quick to respond and adapt

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  1. autocrata deadened state of mind, as from drugs or shock


  2. passiveLatin, to pause or rest


  3. indolent/slothfullazy and inactive


  4. dispensationapproval by the church of some exception or variation from its rules or laws


  5. errinactive or lifeless


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