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  1. torpor
  2. animosity
  3. resentment
  4. jubilee
  5. vexation
  1. a strong hostility, usually personal
  2. b strong annoyance, milder than anger
  3. c restrained, slow-burning anger
  4. d sluggishness from temporary loss of physical powers due to a cause such as very cold weather
  5. e a celebration, a time or occasion of rejoicing

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  1. a group of attendants
  2. nimble, quick and skillful
  3. cunning
  4. the profession of a knight-errant
  5. quick, alert and deft of mind or body

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  1. fugitiveone who flees, a runaway


  2. reposeto place


  3. jocundsharp, severe, perceptive


  4. condonationjustifiable anger


  5. inanesenseless, empty


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