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  1. margins on MLA
  2. loraine hansberg
  3. object complement
  4. linking verb
  5. consanace
  1. a form of to be
    -by itself
  2. b 1 in
  3. c raisin in th esun
  4. d repition of concenet sounds
    -in end of words that dont rhye and precied vowels
  5. e noun/adj that renames/decribes

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  1. person/animal/palce/thing/event in liturature that represents something on a figurative level
  2. have puncuation
  3. -montra(moto used over and over) "nothing puzels god"
    -theme: loss "how to deal with loss"
    -moral: do all you can control and what you cant control, dont stress over
    -by: Chinua Achebe(from Nigeria)
    Johnathan Iwegbu(one child died out of three)
  4. plug in LV or AC to see what works
  5. shall i comapre thee to a summers day

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  1. internal citations on MLA-short=3 line or less
    -long= 4 lines or more


  2. OC questionrepition of consanant sounds, generaly at the begining of words.
    -emphasis words
    -reinforce meaning
    -create musical effect


  3. robert frosttimes new roman 12


  4. amy tantwo kinds
    -father and brother die of brain tumor
    -troubles with mom


  5. charactersinduv. of literacy work
    -main characters(central character)
    -minor character(few personality traits)
    -round character(varied/contradicting traits)
    -flat character(no personal traits)
    -dynamic character(changes in story)
    -flat character(remains same in story)


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