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  1. figurative language
  2. theme
  3. differecne between english and italien sonnets are...
  4. internal citations on MLA
  5. william shakespeare
  1. a the rhyme schemes
  2. b shall i comapre thee to a summers day
  3. c uses figure of speech thats not literaly true, but expresses some truth behind the literal level, types include:
  4. d -short=3 line or less
    -long= 4 lines or more
  5. e main idea/message of story
    -stated theme(expressed directly)
    -implied theme(revealed gradually through plot/character.setting/point of veiw/symbols)
    -can have mroe than one theme
    -theme diffrent from subject

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  1. person/animal/palce/thing/event in liturature that represents something on a figurative level
  2. descriptive language that appeals to one more of 5 sense(sight.hear/touch/taste/smell)
    -creates emotional response in reader
  3. pattern of beats created by arrangment of stressed/unstressed syllables in poem
    -gives musical quality
    -emphasises certain words/ideas to convey meaning
    -types include regular(pradicatable pattern), and irregular
  4. -montra(moto used over and over) "nothing puzels god"
    -theme: loss "how to deal with loss"
    -moral: do all you can control and what you cant control, dont stress over
    -by: Chinua Achebe(from Nigeria)
    Johnathan Iwegbu(one child died out of three)
  5. end in -ing

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  1. IDO asks3 lines of 5,7,5 sylables about nature and love
    -japanese poetry


  2. george eliotsilas marner


  3. all teachers can praise danceclauses have own subject and verb, phrases do not


  4. foilcharacter who is strong contrast to other characters(usually main)
    -calls attention to SStrngths/weaknesses of character


  5. title of MLAlast sentencce of first paragraph


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