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  1. internal rhyme
  2. assonance
  3. present participles
  4. plot
  5. farewell to manzanar
  1. a japanese family move to camp during ww2
  2. b end in -ing
  3. c rhyme occurs within single line of poetry
    -conveys meaning
    -envoke mood
    -create musical effect
  4. d repitition of vowel(same/simualr) sounds in a word that are close together
  5. e sequenvce of events in narrative work
    -begins with exposition(intro. of characteristics/setting/conflict)
    -riasing action(builds suspense)
    -climax(turning point, great suspense)
    -falling action

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  1. -exposition(setting, characters, etc.)
    -riagin action
    -falling action
  2. -first line indented to left margin, and others indented 5 spaces to the right
    -alphabetical order
  3. S-V-DO-what
  4. uses figure of speech thats not literaly true, but expresses some truth behind the literal level, types include:
  5. -to+verb
    -act as: nouns, adjectives, adverbs
    -never spilt an infinative

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  1. The Summer Cottagelast sentencce of first paragraph


  2. object complement verbsnoun/adj that renames/decribes


  3. grath steinracing in the rain


  4. naked infinatives-without "to"
    -let, dare, make, help


  5. universalregular pattern of stressed/unstressed sylables that give a line of poetry predictable rhythm
    -unit of meter within a line is a foot
    -name of the meter depends in how many foots in a line


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