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  1. english sonent
  2. linking verb
  3. universal
  4. george eliot
  5. appositive
  1. a theme/character/situation that can be found anywhere/anytime
  2. b silas marner
  3. c noun or pronoun placed next to another noun or pronoun that renames/decribes/identifies the first noun or pronoun
    -essential, nonessential
  4. d form of to be
    -by itself
  5. e problem set forth in 12 lines, then last two lines(rhyming couplete) its solved

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  1. where, when, why, what fasion
  2. -exposition(setting, characters, etc.)
    -riagin action
    -falling action
  3. time/place which events of liturature happen
    -includes physical surrounding/ideas/customs/values/belifs of time/palce
    -creat atmosphere/mood
  4. -ADJ
  5. uses figure of speech thats not literaly true, but expresses some truth behind the literal level, types include:

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  1. participleend in -ed, -en, or irregulars


  2. through the tunnel-exposition(setting, characters, etc.)
    -riagin action
    -falling action


  3. title of MLAsame size as body


  4. tanka3 lines of 5,7,5 sylables about nature and love
    -japanese poetry


  5. differecne between english and italien sonnets are...-short=3 line or less
    -long= 4 lines or more


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