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Enligh 2 Midterms Test

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  1. assonance
  2. PN
  3. header on MLA
  4. noun of direct address
  5. consanace
  1. a renames subject (N/PN) when LV
  2. b last name and page numer
  3. c ex. Sam, get out
    -Sam is the NDA
  4. d repitition of vowel(same/simualr) sounds in a word that are close together
  5. e repition of concenet sounds
    -in end of words that dont rhye and precied vowels

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. living well. living good.
    -went to egypt
    -pulizter prize
  2. variation of language spoken by group of people in particular region
  3. noun/adj that renames/decribes
  4. same size as body
  5. form of to be
    -by itself

5 True/False Questions

  1. never find what in prep phrase..verbal+modifiers and/or complement(oov)


  2. clauses and phrasesclauses have own subject and verb, phrases do not


  3. internal rhymeverbal+modifiers and/or complement(oov)


  4. understood "you"after apple picking, fire and ice
    -from great depression


  5. imageryregular pattern of stressed/unstressed sylables that give a line of poetry predictable rhythm
    -unit of meter within a line is a foot
    -name of the meter depends in how many foots in a line


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