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  1. citations on MLA
  2. participle
  3. grath stein
  4. internal citations on MLA
  5. Lady Ise
  1. a -short=3 line or less
    -long= 4 lines or more
  2. b also worte hiaku, was one of the 36 poertioc geniuses of japan
  3. c racing in the rain
  4. d -first line indented to left margin, and others indented 5 spaces to the right
    -alphabetical order
  5. e verbal that allows to act an an adjective
    -past, present
    -put as close to noun it moifies
    -essential/nonessential applies

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  1. times new roman 12
  2. last sentencce of first paragraph
  3. -tunnel(metaphor of life, birth, through tunnel going to try to grow up)
    -by: Dorris Lessing
    -traveled world with parents and ended up in Zimbabwee
    -Jerry(from England in India) go through tunnel
  4. end in -ing
  5. raisin in th esun

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  1. similieuses words "like" and "as" to compare two seemingly unlike things


  2. onomatopeia-to+verb
    -act as: nouns, adjectives, adverbs
    -never spilt an infinative


  3. langston hugesrepitition of vowel(same/simualr) sounds in a word that are close together


  4. past participleend in -ed, -en, or irregulars


  5. figurative languageuses figure of speech thats not literaly true, but expresses some truth behind the literal level, types include:


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