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  1. symbols of masque of the red death
  2. present participles
  3. personification
  4. grath stein
  5. understood "you"
  1. a racing in the rain
  2. b ex. Ann, get out
    -"you" infront of "get"
  3. c animal/object/force of nature/ idea is given human cahracteristics
  4. d -black/red room(blood, death)
    -clock(passage of time)
    -7 rooms(7 stages of life)
    -Prince Prospero(money, prosperity, good time)
    -gates welded shut(avoiding death)
  5. e end in -ing

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  1. living well. living good.
    -went to egypt
    -pulizter prize
  2. renames subject (N/PN) when LV
  3. verbal that allows to act an an adjective
    -past, present
    -put as close to noun it moifies
    -essential/nonessential applies
  4. action verb and linking verb
  5. -by: Jhumpa Lahiri(from India)
    -talks of India spilting and Bangladesh free

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  1. symbolperson/animal/palce/thing/event in liturature that represents something on a figurative level


  2. metaphormakes comparison between 2 unlike things
    -implies underline simujlarity and doesn't use words "like"/"as"


  3. langston huges-to+verb
    -act as: nouns, adjectives, adverbs
    -never spilt an infinative


  4. thesis on MLAlast sentencce of first paragraph


  5. tanka5 lines of 5,7,5,7,7 sylables thats unrhymed and about nature


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