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  1. object complement
  2. imagery
  3. metaphor
  4. participle
  5. The Summer Cottage
  1. a verbal that allows to act an an adjective
    -past, present
    -put as close to noun it moifies
    -essential/nonessential applies
  2. b makes comparison between 2 unlike things
    -implies underline simujlarity and doesn't use words "like"/"as"
  3. c descriptive language that appeals to one more of 5 sense(sight.hear/touch/taste/smell)
    -creates emotional response in reader
  4. d noun or an adjective that renames or describes the direct object
  5. e -by: Shirely Jackson
    -Allison's Cottage

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  1. -make
  2. same size as body
  3. the way an author presents to the reader
    -two type: direct, indirect
    -ways to present indiredt character: actions, words, hearsay(what others say)
  4. what kind, which one
  5. can be linking or action

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  1. appositivedominat emotional feeling of a literay work that contribute to mood
    -created through details of setting(time/place/weather)


  2. citations on MLA-first line indented to left margin, and others indented 5 spaces to the right
    -alphabetical order


  3. william shakespeareshall i comapre thee to a summers day


  4. plotsequenvce of events in narrative work
    -begins with exposition(intro. of characteristics/setting/conflict)
    -riasing action(builds suspense)
    -climax(turning point, great suspense)
    -falling action


  5. header on MLAsame size as body


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