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  1. amy tan
  2. internal rhyme
  3. object complement verbs
  4. characters
  5. verbal phrase
  1. a two kinds
    -father and brother die of brain tumor
    -troubles with mom
  2. b modifies an object(aka verbal of complement)
    -verbal+modifier+/or oov
  3. c induv. of literacy work
    -main characters(central character)
    -minor character(few personality traits)
    -round character(varied/contradicting traits)
    -flat character(no personal traits)
    -dynamic character(changes in story)
    -flat character(remains same in story)
  4. d rhyme occurs within single line of poetry
    -conveys meaning
    -envoke mood
    -create musical effect
  5. e -make

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  1. -exposition(setting, characters, etc.)
    -riagin action
    -falling action
  2. main idea/message of story
    -stated theme(expressed directly)
    -implied theme(revealed gradually through plot/character.setting/point of veiw/symbols)
    -can have mroe than one theme
    -theme diffrent from subject
  3. makes comparison between 2 unlike things
    -implies underline simujlarity and doesn't use words "like"/"as"
  4. pattern of beats created by arrangment of stressed/unstressed syllables in poem
    -gives musical quality
    -emphasises certain words/ideas to convey meaning
    -types include regular(pradicatable pattern), and irregular
  5. ex. Ann, get out
    -"you" infront of "get"

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  1. bridge sentenceracing in the rain


  2. loraine hansbergraisin in th esun


  3. clauses and phrasesclauses have own subject and verb, phrases do not


  4. author/title on MLASmith, Jane. Title(italesised and underline). Highlands, Texas: Publisher, year.


  5. infinatives-to+verb
    -act as: nouns, adjectives, adverbs
    -never spilt an infinative


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