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  1. evade
  2. yearning
  3. numerous
  4. evasive
  5. prohibit
  1. a a large number; very many
  2. b a longing or strong desire
  3. c carefully avoiding saying too much; not open or direct
  4. d to keep away from; to avoid being caught; to avoid doing or answering
  5. e to forbid by law or order

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  1. to free
  2. the act or condition of being against
  3. happening once in a while
  4. to want very badly; to be filled with longing
  5. to set up or begin; to show to be true

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  1. pursuitthe act of following after; an activity, as a job or sport, that a person takes part in


  2. reluctantnot wanting to do something; unwilling


  3. donateto give to those in need, often through an organization


  4. reassurancethe act of giving comfort or the state of receiving comfort


  5. bondagethe state of being a slave


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