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Black Hand

a Serbian terrorist organization that wanted Bosnia to be free of Austria-Hungary and be part of a large Serbian Kingdom

Powder Keg of Europe

The Balkans; they had a long history of nationalist uprisings and ethnic clashes. Nowhere was a dispute more likely to occur than on the Blakan Peninsula

The Balkans

Southeast Europe

Gavrilo Princip

the 19 year old Bosnian Serb that succeeded in shooting the archduke and his wife

Otto Von Bismarck

"president" of Germany; General; Germany was ruled by its military

Iron Chancellor

Otto Von Bismarck was called the


a feeling of pride, loyalty, and protectiveness toward one's country


extensions of a nation's power over other lands


preparing for conflict (defense) on a national scale

Entangling Alliances

countries got entangled into was through alliances


not taking sides

Schlieffen Plan

Germany's plan for two front war with France and Russia

2 front War

fighting on either side of a country

Trench Warfare

soldiers fight from trenches and die from artillery guns and most of all rats/diseases

No Man's Land

Territory between rival Trenches, very dangerous


Neither side able to make significant gains


information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause

The Great War

what they called WWI at the start


a list of demands; usually with a time limit


the gathering of resources and preparation for war.

Western Front

trenches on western side of Germany

Allied Powers

Great Britain, France, Russia; alliance

Triple Alliance

Alliance between Germany, Italy, Austria Hungry

Triple Entente

Russia, France, Great Britain; triple

Central Powers

In WWI, the nations of Germany, Austria-Hungary and all the other nations that fought on their side.

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