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  1. Sadducees
  2. Institution Narrative
  3. Deacons/Deaconess
  4. Edict of Milan
  5. Deacon
  1. a a. Priestly class
    b. They live according to written Torah only
    c. They did not believe in Life after Death or Final Judgment
    d. Ruling Party of Judaism
  2. b A law passed by the emperor of the West and Constantine, that legalized Christianity and made it the official religion in Rome and made paganism illegal.
  3. c Words that recall the events of the Last Supper, at which the Eucharist is confected
  4. d They are responsible for the pastoral care within a dioceses. They preside over baptism
  5. e Assist the bishop in pastoral ministry with a parish

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  1. The emperor of Rome at the end of the fourth century, he made Christianity the official religion and made paganism illegal
  2. a. Apocalyptic
    b. The kingdom of God will come through armed resistance against Rome
  3. Lead and teach local communities based in cities. They assume that the doctrine that is taught within their diocese (region of authority) is orthodox doctrine, and that faithful lead an authentically Christian life.
  4. Apocalyptic - await the war between the "Sons of Light" vs. the "Sons of Darkness"b. Monastic (separated in Society)
    c. Temple worship had become corrupted
    d. Wrote Dead Sea Scrolls
  5. A teacher of the catechumen

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  1. Ecumenical Council• Communal dining, the Lord's supper. In Paul's day we have to remember that Christians actually gather for worship around the dinner table and partake of a communal meal in commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus


  2. Philip• One of the cities traveled to by Paul during his Second Missionary Journey, the Gospel was accepted by both Jews and God-Fearers


  3. GnosticismA heresy that denied that Jesus was human; they believe that only spiritual nature is good, they also believe that Jesus didn't die on the cross, but rather he escaped


  4. HeresyLeader of the Jerusalem Church


  5. ApostatesThe leader of the Christians Community in Damascus who baptized Paul


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