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  1. Corinth
  2. Apologists
  3. Presbyter
  4. Luke
  5. John
  1. a • He preached to Gentiles, and was another on who was involved in the making of the Gospel
  2. b Priests, they lead smaller local communities within a diocese under the authority of the local bishop, their ministry is largely teaching and sacramental
  3. c Among the first to apply the disciples of Greek philosophy to Christian thought/revelations ---> First systematic theologians
  4. d He answered the two heresys and he was the one who preached Jesus as the "Logos"
  5. e Port-city; Prosperous town; Very successful among God-Fearers, but failed among Jewish community

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  1. Someone who follows and worships a pagan god (Roman sun god for example)
  2. One of the Cities Paul went to on his missionary journey
  3. The western emperor of Rome, he was one of the two people who passed the Edict of Milan which legalized Christianity, he also formed the council of Nicaea
  4. • Communal dining, the Lord's supper. In Paul's day we have to remember that Christians actually gather for worship around the dinner table and partake of a communal meal in commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus
  5. Gathering of Church's leadership to debate controversial issues

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  1. PhariseesRabbiesa. They live according to the written and oral Torah
    b. Life after Death; Final Judgment
    c. They feel that Temple worship has been corrupted because of Priest collaboration with the Romans


  2. Judas and SilasThese two were sent with the letter from the Council of Jerusalem to Gentile Christians in Antioch, Syria and Cilicia


  3. CatechumenateA teacher of the catechumen


  4. ArianismA heresy that denied Jesus's divinity


  5. ThessalonicaShe preached Gospel that was received well by God-Fearers but rejected by Jews


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