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  1. Nero
  2. Canon
  3. Episcopacy
  4. Constantine
  5. Apostates
  1. a Are the members of the church who sacrificed to idols to save their own life, who were eventually given amnesty and allowed to return to the church community
  2. b • Official list of Books of the Bible
  3. c The office of Bishops
  4. d The western emperor of Rome, he was one of the two people who passed the Edict of Milan which legalized Christianity, he also formed the council of Nicaea
  5. e • The ruler of Rome, he was accused of causing a fire that burned down 2/3 of the city, so he pinned the blame on the Christians and had many persecuted and killed, including Paul

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  1. Lead and teach local communities based in cities. They assume that the doctrine that is taught within their diocese (region of authority) is orthodox doctrine, and that faithful lead an authentically Christian life.
  2. A heresy that denied that Jesus was human; they believe that only spiritual nature is good, they also believe that Jesus didn't die on the cross, but rather he escaped
  3. Live a vowed/consecrated life in community
  4. Apostle to the Gentiles
  5. a. Bishop was imprisoned and taken to Rome for execution
    b. Is famous for writing many letters to various Christian communities

    His letters helped clarify the hierarchical structure of the Patriarchal Church

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  1. CatechumenOne who is preparing for baptism


  2. TheodosiusOf the same substance or being


  3. PeterLeads and teaches the world Church community, he is the leader of the bishops, Supreme pastor


  4. PapacyThe office or authority of pope


  5. AnaniasThe leader of the Christians Community in Damascus who baptized Paul


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