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  1. Ananias
  2. Matthew
  3. Canon
  4. Judaizers
  5. Nero
  1. a One of the people who were involved in the making of the Gospel, he preached mainly to Jewish Christians
  2. b A group of Jewish-Christians who believed that Chritstians still needed to follow the law of Moses/circumcision in order to be saved
    false teachers who instructed believers that they must obey the Law of Moses or at least certain parts of it to be saved
    derogatory term used to describe Jewish Christian groups
  3. c The leader of the Christians Community in Damascus who baptized Paul
  4. d • Official list of Books of the Bible
  5. e • The ruler of Rome, he was accused of causing a fire that burned down 2/3 of the city, so he pinned the blame on the Christians and had many persecuted and killed, including Paul

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  1. A leader of Philippi Community
  2. Rabbiesa. They live according to the written and oral Torah
    b. Life after Death; Final Judgment
    c. They feel that Temple worship has been corrupted because of Priest collaboration with the Romans
  3. The western emperor of Rome, he was one of the two people who passed the Edict of Milan which legalized Christianity, he also formed the council of Nicaea
  4. One who dies for his/her faith
  5. a. Apocalyptic
    b. The kingdom of God will come through armed resistance against Rome

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  1. Apologists• The Words


  2. Philippi• One of the cities traveled to by Paul during his Second Missionary Journey, the Gospel was accepted by both Jews and God-Fearers


  3. OrdinaryA leader of Philippi Community


  4. Council of Nicaea1. Called by Constantine in 325 to resolve the controversy caused by Arian heresy

    Council Fathers states that Jesus does share in the same substance of the father, they uphold the Mystery of Incarnation


  5. Justin the MartyrJustin was famous for his philosophical defenses, Apologies of Christianity. He was an apologist.


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