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  1. Justin the Martyr
  2. Thessalonica
  3. Constantine
  4. Pope
  5. Pagan
  1. a Leads and teaches the world Church community, he is the leader of the bishops, Supreme pastor
  2. b The western emperor of Rome, he was one of the two people who passed the Edict of Milan which legalized Christianity, he also formed the council of Nicaea
  3. c She preached Gospel that was received well by God-Fearers but rejected by Jews
  4. d Justin was famous for his philosophical defenses, Apologies of Christianity. He was an apologist.
  5. e Someone who follows and worships a pagan god (Roman sun god for example)

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  1. • The Gentiles who followed Christianity were often called this
  2. Teaching of false doctrine
  3. They are responsible for the pastoral care within a dioceses. They preside over baptism
  4. Words that recall the events of the Last Supper, at which the Eucharist is confected
  5. Sent by the Church in Jerusalem to investigate the community in Antioch

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  1. Council of Nicaea1. Called by Constantine in 325 to resolve the controversy caused by Arian heresy

    Council Fathers states that Jesus does share in the same substance of the father, they uphold the Mystery of Incarnation


  2. Diocletian1. Begins his rule at the end of the 3rd century
    2. He is a very strong emperor
    3. To help facilitate the administration of the empire he establishes the Tetrarchy (Rule of Four)
    He divides the empire into east and west
    In each region he establishes an Augustus (emperor) and Caesar ("vice-emperor")
    4. To insure imperial unity, he renews the empire-wide persecution of Christians


  3. AthensFirst martyr


  4. EssenesApocalyptic - await the war between the "Sons of Light" vs. the "Sons of Darkness"b. Monastic (separated in Society)
    c. Temple worship had become corrupted
    d. Wrote Dead Sea Scrolls


  5. ArianismA heresy that denied Jesus's divinity


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