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  1. Sanhedrin
  2. Luke
  3. Presbyter
  4. Levitical Judaism
  5. Edict of Milan
  1. a • He preached to Gentiles, and was another on who was involved in the making of the Gospel
  2. b A law passed by the emperor of the West and Constantine, that legalized Christianity and made it the official religion in Rome and made paganism illegal.
  3. c Priests, they lead smaller local communities within a diocese under the authority of the local bishop, their ministry is largely teaching and sacramental
  4. d Ruling council of Jerusalem, made up of Pharisees and Sadducees
  5. e • Centered on sacrifice in the Temple and led by priests

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  1. The western emperor of Rome, he was one of the two people who passed the Edict of Milan which legalized Christianity, he also formed the council of Nicaea
  2. Sent by the Church in Jerusalem to investigate the community in Antioch
  3. • The Words
  4. Are the members of the church who sacrificed to idols to save their own life, who were eventually given amnesty and allowed to return to the church community
  5. She preached Gospel that was received well by God-Fearers but rejected by Jews

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  1. PhilipFirst to baptize Samaritans


  2. PhariseesLead and teach a parish under authority of ordinary


  3. PopeLeads and teaches the world Church community, he is the leader of the bishops, Supreme pastor


  4. Justin the MartyrJustin was famous for his philosophical defenses, Apologies of Christianity. He was an apologist.


  5. CatechumenOne who is preparing for baptism


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