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  1. indirect quotations
  2. counterpoints
  3. thesis statement
  4. compare and contrast
  5. spatial sequence
  1. a states the central message of the essay, accurately reflecting the essay's content
  2. b used to show similarities and differences (key words: although, but, still, yet, compared with, as opposed to, different from, either/or, neither/nor, in common, similarly
  3. c use of contrasting ideas to communicate a message
  4. d spatial, geometrical, or geographical arrangement of ideas according to their position in space (examples: left/right, top/bottom, circular, adjacent)
  5. e reports another's words without quotation marks except around words repeated exactly from the source

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  1. the particular group of readers or viewers that the writer is addressing
  2. this is the stage of writing that involves rewriting or "re-seeing;" emphasis is place on examining sentence structure, word choice, voice, and organization of the piece
  3. type of argument in logic in which an expert or knowledgeable other is cited for the purpose of strengthening the argument
  4. a memory device to check for specific, concrete details: reason, examples, names, numbers, senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch)
  5. be specific, use facts/data/statistics, use/attribute quotes; quantify don't qualify; use of "it seems," try not to overstate situation, base writing on authority, break down the topic

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  1. praisein this stage, students begin writing, connecting, and developing ideas


  2. point of viewthe perspective from which a piece is written; first person, third person, omniscient, limited omniscient


  3. background informationthe writer explains the relationship between terms and concepts


  4. coherencewhen the essay supplies guideposts that communicate the relations among ideas


  5. reference worksdictionaries, encyclopedias, writers' reference handbooks, books of lists, almanacs, thesauruses, books of quotations, and so on


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