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  1. free writing
  2. background information
  3. other sources
  4. quotations
  5. creative writing
  1. a the exact words of a source set off in quotation marks
  2. b film, art, media, and so on
  3. c provides students with the opportunity to play with language, to express emotions, to articulate stories, or to develop a drama for others to enjoy
  4. d gives basic material, providing a context for the points being made in an essay
  5. e writing nonstop about anything

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  1. middle and secondary level students learn how to write interviews, accounts, profiles, or descriptions to capture the meaning of the subject being written about
  2. the way the an author uses words, phrases, and sentences to formulate ideas
  3. taking a draft from its preliminary to its final version by evaluating, adding, cutting, moving material, editing, and proofreading
  4. a detailed statement of someone else's statement expressed in your own words and your own sentence structure
  5. this is the stage of writing that involves rewriting or "re-seeing;" emphasis is place on examining sentence structure, word choice, voice, and organization of the piece

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  1. extended metaphoris a metaphor (a comparison of two unlike things) used throughout a work or over a series of lines in prose or poetry


  2. types of presentation strategiesperforming speeches, plays, videos; making a speech, participating in debate; creating booklets, brochures, family scrapbooks, or personal web pages; publishing a school newspaper, magazine, or portfolio; submitting work for publication beyond classroom for a literary magazine, local newspaper, professional publication for writers


  3. focusyour assertion that conveys your point of view


  4. typical elements in informative essayintroductory paragraph, thesis statement, background information, points of discussion, concluding paragraph


  5. evidencefacts, data, and opinions of others used to support assertions and conclusions


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