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  1. revising
  2. student-created sources
  3. focused free writing
  4. rhetorical strategies
  5. shaping
  1. a this is the stage of writing that involves rewriting or "re-seeing;" emphasis is place on examining sentence structure, word choice, voice, and organization of the piece
  2. b analogies, extended metaphor, appeal to authority, appeal to emotion
  3. c a student's personal dictionary of words to know or spell, note cards, graphic organizers, oral histories, and journals
  4. d writing nonstop by starting with a set topic
  5. e calls for you to consider ways to organize your material

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  1. to express yourself, to inform a reader, to persuade a reader, to create a literary work
  2. facts, data, and opinions of others used to support assertions and conclusions
  3. acting a referee; evaluating a colleague's work professionally
  4. dictionaries, encyclopedias, writers' reference handbooks, books of lists, almanacs, thesauruses, books of quotations, and so on
  5. examples of student's essays, created to organize and explain their selections for end-of-term writing; reveals how much students learn from such reflection; careful attention to students reflections invites instructors to change their approach so that it encourages the process of learning that students describe

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  1. elements in an argumentintroductory paragraph, thesis statement, background information, reasons or evidence, anticipation of like objections and responses to them, concluding paragraph


  2. RENNSa memory device to check for specific, concrete details: reason, examples, names, numbers, senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch)


  3. points of discussionsupports the essay's thesis, each consisting of a general statement backed by specific details


  4. praiseeither to give your reader information or to persuade your readers to agree with you


  5. writing activitiesprovides students with the opportunity to play with language, to express emotions, to articulate stories, or to develop a drama for others to enjoy


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