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  1. Fransisco Madero
  2. In the Boxer Rebellion...
  3. True or False: U.S. leaders were interested in building a canal across the Isthmus of Panama to shorten the voyage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  4. True or False:Fransisco Madero Began the Mexican Revolution because he felt his country need to be more open to foreign investors.
  5. Who led the Rough Riders in Cuba?
  1. a Chinese nationalists known as Boxers attacked foreigners in order to end outside involvement in China's affairs;put down by U.S. Marines and other forces after two months.
  2. b False
  3. c Theodore Roosevelt
  4. d True
  5. e democratic reformer who began the Mexican Revolution.

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  1. National policy of avoiding involvement in other nations' affairs.
  2. Secretary of State who sent a series of notes to Japan and most European nations outlining what became known as the Open Door Policy.
  3. False, equal trade with China
  4. Offered to negotiate the dispute between the United States and united Mexican people, who were on the brink of war.
  5. one of the people who led movements to overthrow General Victoriano Huerta;supported democratic reformer Fransisco Madero against Porfirio Diaz; Hero to Mexico's poor.

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  1. Emilio AguinaldoLead Filipino rebels and U.S. troops and took control of the Philippine capital, Manila.


  2. SubsidyBonus payment


  3. Which skilled horseman organized the military force called the Division De Norte?Francisco "Pancho" Villa


  4. Who led Mexico for 34 years and eagerly welcomed foreign investment?Theodore Roosevelt


  5. Dr. William C. Gorgas...organized a vast effort to rid the canal route of disease-carrying mosquitoes.


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