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  1. Fransisco Madero
  2. Teller Amendment
  3. What document suggested that the U.S. closely watched debtor nations?
  4. Emilio Aguinaldo
  5. In the Boxer Rebellion...
  1. a Chinese nationalists known as Boxers attacked foreigners in order to end outside involvement in China's affairs;put down by U.S. Marines and other forces after two months.
  2. b Lead Filipino rebels and U.S. troops and took control of the Philippine capital, Manila.
  3. c Roosevelt Corollary
  4. d democratic reformer who began the Mexican Revolution.
  5. e U.S. resolution declaring that the United States did not intend to take over and annex an independent Cuba.

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  1. Queen of Hawaii in 1891 and worked to reclaim her throne after a revolt that ended her reign.
  2. poet and patriot that was exiled out of Cuba.
  3. National policy of avoiding involvement in other nations' affairs.
  4. Secretary of State who sent a series of notes to Japan and most European nations outlining what became known as the Open Door Policy.
  5. The practice of extending a nation's power by gaining territories for a colonial empire.

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  1. Hay-Herran Treatyone of the people who led movements to overthrow General Victoriano Huerta;supported democratic reformer Fransisco Madero against Porfirio Diaz; Hero to Mexico's poor.


  2. Who led Mexico for 34 years and eagerly welcomed foreign investment?Porfirio Diaz


  3. True or False: William Seward's purchase of Alaska bought many benefits to the U.S.True


  4. Argentina, Brazil, and Chile known as the ABC powers...organized a vast effort to rid the canal route of disease-carrying mosquitoes.


  5. Who led the Rough Riders in Cuba?Theodore Roosevelt


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