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  1. Imperialism
  2. Lilioukalani
  3. John Hay...
  4. Subsidy
  5. Jose Marti
  1. a The practice of extending a nation's power by gaining territories for a colonial empire.
  2. b poet and patriot that was exiled out of Cuba.
  3. c Queen of Hawaii in 1891 and worked to reclaim her throne after a revolt that ended her reign.
  4. d Bonus payment
  5. e Secretary of State who sent a series of notes to Japan and most European nations outlining what became known as the Open Door Policy.

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  1. Amendment to the Cuban constitution that gave the U.S. the right to become involved in Cuba's foreign and domestic affairs; remained in effect until 1934.
  2. Offered to negotiate the dispute between the United States and united Mexican people, who were on the brink of war.
  3. Using Economic power and business investment to influence events, encourage stability, and keep European nations out of the region by expanding American businesses there.
  4. True
  5. Roosevelt Corollary

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  1. The use of sensational exaggerated stories...Chinese nationalists known as Boxers attacked foreigners in order to end outside involvement in China's affairs;put down by U.S. Marines and other forces after two months.


  2. Dr. William C. Gorgas...organized a vast effort to rid the canal route of disease-carrying mosquitoes.


  3. True or False: The Open Door policy stated that all nations had equal access to trade with Japan.False, equal trade with China


  4. Who led the Rough Riders in Cuba?Theodore Roosevelt


  5. True or False: The Anti-Imperialist league supported the U.S. in efforts to build a colonial empire.False


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