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  1. There are many steep-sided canyons and deep, narrow valleys in the bottom of the ocean.
  2. same as low hills or plains, oceanic landforms
  3. The steep slope where the continental shelf drops to the bottom of the ocean floor.
  4. Located on either side of the mid-ocean ridge. It is made up of low hills and flat plains. The deepest part of the ocean floor.
  5. Deep valley with high steep sides
  6. same as mountain range, oceanic landforms

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  1. VolcanoDeep valley with high steep sides


  2. RiftIn the center of the highest part of the mid-ocean ridge is a narrow trench.


  3. Rift zonesame as valley, oceanic landforms


  4. Mid-ocean ridgesame as mountain range, oceanic landforms


  5. Mountain rangeOn the bottom of the ocean, there is a central ridge, or mountain range, that divides the ocean floor into two parts.


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