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  1. parallel circuit
  2. electric power
  3. battery
  4. resistance
  5. potential difference
  1. a opposition to the flow of charges in a material
  2. b a device that converts chemical energy to electrical energy
  3. c the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form of energy
  4. d the difference in electrical potential between two places in an electric field
  5. e an electric circuit with two or more paths through which charges can flow

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  1. electric charge that flows in only one direction
  2. a material that has almost zero resistance when it is cooled to low temperatures
  3. a solid-state component that combines an n-type and p-type semiconductor
  4. information that is sent as patterns in the controlled flow of electrons through a circuit
  5. the effect an electric charge has on other charges in the space around it

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  1. voltageanother name for potential difference


  2. series circuitan electric circuit with two or more paths through which charges can flow


  3. law of conservation of chargethe total charge in an isolated system is constant


  4. electric chargethis is the force of attraction or repulsion between electrically charged objects


  5. electrical insulatora material through which electric charge can flow easily


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