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  1. parallel circuit
  2. superconductor
  3. transistor
  4. diode
  5. grounding
  1. a an electric circuit with two or more paths through which charges can flow
  2. b a material that has almost zero resistance when it is cooled to low temperatures
  3. c a solid-state component that combines an n-type and p-type semiconductor
  4. d the transfer of excess charge through a conductor to Earth
  5. e a solid-state component with three layers of semiconductors

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  1. a crystalline solid that conducts current only under certain conditions
  2. a thin slice of silicon that contains many solid-state components
  3. this device prevents current overload in a circuit
  4. the difference in electrical potential between two places in an electric field
  5. the relationship which states: the resistance equals the voltage divided by the current

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  1. electric forcethis is a property that allows particles with like charges to repel and opposite charges to attract


  2. circuit breakera programmable device that can store and process information


  3. voltageanother name for potential difference


  4. alternating currentthe continuous flow of electricity


  5. inductiona transfer of charge without touching


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