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  1. electrical insulator
  2. series circuit
  3. electric circuit
  4. law of conservation of charge
  5. superconductor
  1. a a complete path through which charge can flow
  2. b a material through which electric charge cannot flow easily
  3. c charge has only one path through which it can flow in this type of circuit
  4. d a material that has almost zero resistance when it is cooled to low temperatures
  5. e the total charge in an isolated system is constant

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  1. is a smoothly varying signal produced by continuously changing the voltage or current in a circuit
  2. a solid-state component with three layers of semiconductors
  3. the relationship which states: the resistance equals the voltage divided by the current
  4. a material through which electric charge can flow easily
  5. the continuous flow of electricity

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  1. alternating currentthe continuous flow of electricity


  2. electric fieldthis is the force of attraction or repulsion between electrically charged objects


  3. static electricitythe study of behavior of electric charges including how charges are transferred between objects


  4. electronicsinformation that is sent as patterns in the controlled flow of electrons through a circuit


  5. groundingthe transfer of excess charge through a conductor to Earth


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