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FPC - Chapter 20 Electricity Test

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  1. grounding
  2. superconductor
  3. law of conservation of charge
  4. electrical conductor
  5. potential difference
  1. a a material through which electric charge can flow easily
  2. b the transfer of excess charge through a conductor to Earth
  3. c the difference in electrical potential between two places in an electric field
  4. d a material that has almost zero resistance when it is cooled to low temperatures
  5. e the total charge in an isolated system is constant

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. an electric circuit with two or more paths through which charges can flow
  2. a device that converts chemical energy to electrical energy
  3. this is a property that allows particles with like charges to repel and opposite charges to attract
  4. a solid-state component with three layers of semiconductors
  5. electric charge that regularly reverses it direction

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  1. fusea solid-state component that combines an n-type and p-type semiconductor


  2. integrated circuita thin slice of silicon that contains many solid-state components


  3. computera programmable device that can store and process information


  4. digital signalthis signal encodes information as a sting of 1's and 0's


  5. Ohm's Lawthe relationship which states: the resistance equals the voltage divided by the current


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