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  1. nation
  2. law
  3. federal
  4. amend
  5. dream
  1. a to change or modify
  2. b having to do with the national government
  3. c government-made rule of conduct
  4. d goal or vision
  5. e country

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  1. free from slavery or servitude
  2. person who is elected make laws
  3. the condition of being owned by another person and being made to work without wages
  4. make laws
  5. murder for political reasons

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  1. prejudicenegative or hostile attitude toward an individual or group without good reason


  2. legislatureperson who is elected make laws


  3. amendmentto change or modify


  4. segregationforced separation of races, ethnic groups, etc.


  5. discriminatetreat differently for improper reasons such as race, gender, religion


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