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  1. boycott
  2. slavery
  3. abolish
  4. amend
  5. legislator
  1. a to change or modify
  2. b refuse to buy certain products or services as a means to cause change
  3. c person who is elected make laws
  4. d do away with, put an end to, cancel
  5. e the condition of being owned by another person and being made to work without wages

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  1. having to do with the national government
  2. murder for political reasons
  3. government-made rule of conduct
  4. written plan of a government
  5. make laws

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  1. discriminatemurder for political reasons


  2. amendmentaddition to a constitution


  3. legislatureplace where laws are made


  4. integrateopen (a place) to members of all races and ethnic groups


  5. prejudicegoal or vision


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