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  1. What object will be created by the supernova when the leftover core is more than 5 times the mass of the Sun?
  2. Which theory explains that all matter in the universe expanded from a single point?
  3. What is the name of the galaxy we live in?
  4. What process creates energy the core of stars?
  5. What conditions are necessary for nuclear fusion to occur?
  1. a nuclear fusion
  2. b black hole
  3. c extreme heat and pressure
  4. d The Big Bang Theory
  5. e Milky Way

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  1. neutron star
  2. Hubble's Law
  3. white dwarf
  4. iron
  5. 10 billion years

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  1. A light source that is rapidly moving away from an observer will exhibit ____________.redshift


  2. The distance that light can travel in one year is called a ____________________.light year


  3. Which is larger: a solar system or a galaxy?spiral


  4. Approximately how old is the universe?13.7 billion years


  5. A star enters its red giant stage when it begins fusing which element?helium


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