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  1. Hormones that increase blood [glucose]
  2. Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)
  3. Insulin
  4. Atrial natriuretic factor (ANF)
  5. Progesterone
  1. a ANTERIOR PITUITARY -> ADRENAL GLAND: increases growth and secretory activity of adrenal cortex
  2. b Glucagon (polypeptide derivative), Epinepherine (amino acid derivative), Cortisol (steroid / glucocorticoid)
  3. c HEART -> KIDNEY: increases urination to decrease blood pressure
  4. d OVARIES / PLACENTA: leads to endometrial secretion, pregnancy
  5. e BETA CELLS OF THE ISLETS OF LANGERHANS IN THE PANCREAS: decreases blood [glucose]; increases glycogen and fat storage; it is activated at high blood [glucose] and is absent or ineffective in diabetes melitus

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  1. SIGMA CELLS OF THE ISLETS OF LANGERHANS IN THE PANCREAS: inhibits many digestive processes
  2. HYPOTHALAMUS -> ANTERIOR PITUITARY: modifies activities
  3. Glucagon (alpha) & Insulin (beta) & Somatostatin (sigma)
  4. POSTERIOR PITUITARY -> BREAST & UTERUS: milk letdown and uteral contractions
  5. THYROID: in the child it is necessary for physical and mental development; in the adult, it increases metabolic rate and temperature

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  1. ErythropoeitinKIDNEY -> BONE MARROW: increases RBC synthesis


  2. TestosteroneOVARIES / PLACENTA: leads to endometrial secretion, pregnancy


  3. Regulation of blood [glucose]Insulin and Glucagon


  4. Cortisol (glucocorticoid)ADRENAL CORTEX: results in a longer-term stress response; increased blood [glucose]; increased protein catabolism; decreased inflammation and immunity; many other


  5. Involved in Pregnancy PreppingGlucagon (alpha) & Insulin (beta) & Somatostatin (sigma)


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