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  1. sedition
  2. dogma
  3. theosis
  4. Jesus Prayer
  5. revelation
  1. a Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
  2. b solemn teaching of the Church & central truth of revelation
  3. c Becoming holy and united to God
  4. d unveiling
  5. e inciting a rebellion against the government

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  1. heresy that said that Jesus only seemed or appeared to be human
  2. That God took on human flesh and became man: fully human and fully divine
  3. 6th c. monk and inventor of the anno Domini era
  4. Accusation by Jewish leaders of Jesus making himself equal to God
  5. Kurios/Kyrios in Greek; Adonai in Hebrew

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  1. Alpha & OmegaAccusation by Jewish leaders of Jesus making himself equal to God


  2. Gospel(Yehoshua) - Yahweh saves


  3. Messiahself-emptying: what God did to become human and what we need to do in order to be united with God


  4. Jesus of Historythe story of God's saving activity in human history


  5. Magisteriumteaching authority of the Church; guards and explains the faith


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