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Intro to Gospels Test

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  1. Jesus of History
  2. Messiah
  3. Gospel
  4. Scripture and Tradition
  5. salvation history
  1. a How God reveals himself to us
  2. b the story of God's saving activity in human history
  3. c The man we call Jesus, who walked the earth 2000 years ago
  4. d from Hebrew mashiah meaning anointed one
  5. e Good News

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  1. divinely inspired writings; Old and New Testament
  2. Anno Domini, In the year of our Lord
  3. from Greek Christos meaning anointed one
  4. First & last letters of Greek alphabet; monogram for Christ as He is the beginning and the end.
  5. Accusation by Jewish leaders of Jesus making himself equal to God

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  1. "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God."Professed by the Apostle Peter regarding Jesus' true identity


  2. St. AugustineYou have created us for yourself, O God, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.


  3. St. Athanasius"For God became man so that we might become God"


  4. Dionysius Exiguus6th c. monk and inventor of the anno Domini era


  5. theosisself-emptying: what God did to become human and what we need to do in order to be united with God


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