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  1. dogma
  2. Christ
  3. salvation history
  4. Scripture and Tradition
  5. revelation
  1. a from Greek Christos meaning anointed one
  2. b How God reveals himself to us
  3. c the story of God's saving activity in human history
  4. d solemn teaching of the Church & central truth of revelation
  5. e unveiling

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  1. Becoming holy and united to God
  2. Kurios/Kyrios in Greek; Adonai in Hebrew
  3. Anno Domini, In the year of our Lord
  4. inciting a rebellion against the government
  5. from Hebrew mashiah meaning anointed one

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  1. divine revelationthe free gift of God's self-communication by which he makes known the mystery of his divine plan


  2. blasphemyGood News


  3. Jesus PrayerLord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.


  4. Sacred Scripturethe living transmission of the Church's Gospel message of Jesus Christ handed down from the Apostles


  5. Gospel(Yehoshua) - Yahweh saves


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