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  1. hemostasis
  2. hematocrit
  3. liquid, 55
  4. eosinophil
  5. plasmin, fibrin
  1. a __ is a proteolytic (breaks down proteins) enzyme that decomposes __
  2. b Platelets play important role in __, therefore are essential to blood clotting.
  3. c When you take a blood sample and spin it around by centrifuge --- the part that falls to the bottom is called __ (defined as the percentage of blood volume that is erythrocytes).
  4. d __ (WBC) - attack parasitic worms and key role in (sorry, not have in my notes)
  5. e Plasma is the __ portion of blood ( __ %)

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  1. Erythrocytes do not contain __, __, or __
  2. Ultimately converts fibrinogen (a protein) to __ (thread like molecule, like a spider web).
  3. Plasma help in __ __.
  4. Plasma proteins exert __ __ in capillaries.
  5. __ __ (or blood coagulation) - reinforces platelet plug and converts blood in vicinity of injury to a non-flowing gell.

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  1. vascular spasm__ __ - reduces blood flow through injured vessel (narrow's vessel wall by closing diameter and reducing flow)


  2. prostacyclin__ - arrest (stopping) of bleeding from injured vessel.


  3. damagedWhen vessel is __, exposed collagen initiates a cascade of reactions involving successive activation of clotting factors.


  4. collagenWhen a cell wall gets reptured what is exposed?


  5. bilirubinUltimately converts fibrinogen (a protein) to __ (thread like molecule, like a spider web).


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