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  1. erythropoietin
  2. prostacyclin
  3. hemostasis
  4. platelets
  5. collagen
  1. a Platelets play important role in __, therefore are essential to blood clotting.
  2. b Erythropoiesis - erythrocyte production by a hormone called __.
  3. c When a cell wall gets reptured what is exposed?
  4. d Unharmed endothelium secretes __ (hormone) and nitric oxide which inhibits platelet aggregation (only around injured area)
  5. e __ - cell fragments derived (broken off from) from large bone marrow cells (megakaryocytes)

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  1. Ultimately converts fibrinogen (a protein) to __ (thread like molecule, like a spider web).
  2. ___ make up 99% of all blood cells.
  3. __ (WBC) - engulf bacteria and debris
  4. Plasma is the __ portion of blood ( __ %)
  5. The reason why you can get hemostasis to effect immediately is: most factors necessary for clotting are always present in the plasma in __ __ form.

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  1. neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophilsBlood cells are made up of __, __, and __.


  2. plasminWhen blood clots are no longer needed, they are dissolved by __.


  3. dissolvingPlasmin is a proteolytic (breaks down proteins) enzyme that decomposes fibrin --> __ blood clots.


  4. bilirubin__ - is the breakdown product of hemoglobin, gives plasma yellowish color.


  5. transport oxygenPlasma serves as the __ __ for substances being carried in the blood.


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