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  1. hematocrit
  2. plasma, 45
  3. platelets
  4. albumins, fibrinogen, globulins
  5. transport medium
  1. a __ - cell fragments derived (broken off from) from large bone marrow cells (megakaryocytes)
  2. b Plasma serves as the __ __ for substances being carried in the blood.
  3. c Plasma contains 3 major proteins: __, __, __ and nutrients, metabolic end products, hormones.
  4. d Blood cells are suspended in __ and account for __% of the blood volume.
  5. e When you take a blood sample and spin it around by centrifuge --- the part that falls to the bottom is called __ (defined as the percentage of blood volume that is erythrocytes).

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  1. __ - is the breakdown product of hemoglobin, gives plasma yellowish color.
  2. There are five types of WBC's: (remember the nmenoic: Never Let Monkey's Eat Banana's...this also lists the types in volume highest to lowest)
  3. Plasma proteins exert __ __ in capillaries.
  4. When vessel is __, exposed collagen initiates a cascade of reactions involving successive activation of clotting factors.
  5. Hemoglobin is packed with Fe (__) which can __ and __ with oxygen

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  1. 120, 250Erythrocytes have a short life span (__ days)--> we produce __ billion/day.


  2. hemostasisRBC's are packed full of __ - iron (Fe) containing molecule that can loosely, reversibly bind with O2.


  3. liquid, 55Blood cells are suspended in __ and account for __% of the blood volume.


  4. kidneys, oxygenErythrocytes are specialized for primary function of __ __ in the blood.


  5. erythropoietinThe process that produces RBC's is called __.


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