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  1. Reconcentration Policy
  2. Annexation of Hawaii
  3. Goethals and Gorgas
  4. Hay-Herran Treaty
  5. Josiah Strong
  1. a argued that the American country and people were superior because they were Anglo-Saxon.
  2. b By the late 1800s, U.S. had exclusive use of Pearl Harbor. In July 1898, Congress made it a U.S. territory, for the use of the islands as naval ports
  3. c Kept the purchase price of the canal strip in Panama the same but enlarged the area from 6 to 10 miles.
  4. d When Cubans started to rebel, Spaniards begain to reorganize prisoners into labor camps.
  5. e 1906 - Army colonels who supervised the construction of the Panama Canal.

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  1. led a Filipino insurrection against the Spanish in 1896 and assisted the U.S. invasion. He served as leader of the provisional government but was removed by the U.S. because he wanted to make the Philippines independent before the U.S. felt it was ready for independence.
  2. Determined that inhabitants of U.S. territories had some, but not all, of the rights of U.S. citizens.
  3. took his ship into Manila Bay, in the Philippine Islands, and attacked the Spanish Pacific fleet there. The U.S. had been planning to take this strategic port in the Pacific.
  4. Japan had attacked the Russian Pacific fleet over Russia's refusal to withdraw its troops from Mancharia after the Boxer Rebellion (1904-1905) War fought mainly in Korea. Japan victorious
  5. April 1896 - U.S. declared Cuba free from Spain, but the Teller Amendment disclaimed any American intention to annex Cuba.

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  1. Hay-Pauncefote TreatyKept the purchase price of the canal strip in Panama the same but enlarged the area from 6 to 10 miles.


  2. Benjamin TracySecretary of State, created the Open Door Notes


  3. Roosevelt's Big Stick DiplomacyRoosevelt said, "walk softly and carry a big stick." In international affairs, ask first but bring along a big army to help convince them. Threaten to use force, act as international policemen. It was his foreign policy in Latin America.


  4. Venezuelan Crisis1902 - England, Germany and Italy had blockaded Venezuelan ports because Latin American countries failed to make payments on debts owed to foreign banks. U.S. invoked the Monroe Doctrine and pressured the European powers to back off.


  5. Walter ReedDiscovered that the mosquito transmitted yellow fever and developed a cure. Yellow fever was the leading cause of death of American troops in the Spanish-American War.


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