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  1. Drago Doctrine
  2. U.S.S. Oregon
  3. Russo-Japanese War
  4. Queen Liliuokalani
  5. Goethals and Gorgas
  1. a Argentine jurist, Luis Drago, proposed that European countries could not use force to collect debts owed by countries in the Americas. They could not blockade South American ports. Adopted as part of the Hague Convention in 1907.
  2. b 1906 - Army colonels who supervised the construction of the Panama Canal.
  3. c Warship involved in Spanish-American blockade in Cuba in 1898. Went from Cuba to the Philippines by going around the Southern tip of South America. Showed that we need a better route between the Atlantic and the Pacific.
  4. d Japan had attacked the Russian Pacific fleet over Russia's refusal to withdraw its troops from Mancharia after the Boxer Rebellion (1904-1905) War fought mainly in Korea. Japan victorious
  5. e Queen of Hawaii who gave the U.S. naval rights to Pearl Harbor in 1887. Deposed by American settlers in 1893.

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  1. In the 1920's, China wated an end to the exemption of foreigners accused of crimes from China's legal jurisdiction.
  2. The 1884 nomination for the Rebublican presidential candidate
  3. In 1890, he wrote The Influence of Sea Power upon History. He was a proponent of building a large navy. He said that a new, modern navy was necessary to protect the international trade America depended on.
  4. 1903 - U.S. guaranteed the independence of the newly-created Republic of Panama.
  5. 1901 - Great Britain recognized U.S. Sphere of Influence over the Panama canal zone provided the canal itself remained neutral. U.S. given full control over construction and management of the canal.

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  1. Cleveland and Hawaii1906 - Army colonels who supervised the construction of the Panama Canal.


  2. Emilio Aguinaldoled a Filipino insurrection against the Spanish in 1896 and assisted the U.S. invasion. He served as leader of the provisional government but was removed by the U.S. because he wanted to make the Philippines independent before the U.S. felt it was ready for independence.


  3. Teller Amendmentit specified the conditions under which the U.S. could intervene in Cuba's internal affairs, and provided that Cuba could not make a treaty with another nation that might impair its independence.


  4. Pago PagoSecretary of State, created the Open Door Notes


  5. Elihu RootDiscovered that the mosquito transmitted yellow fever and developed a cure. Yellow fever was the leading cause of death of American troops in the Spanish-American War.


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