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  1. la fuga
  2. fruncir
  3. marearse
  4. tiñir
  5. flotar
  1. a flight, escape
  2. b to dye, to stain
  3. c to get seasick/ to become dizzy, to get sick
  4. d to gather, to frown, to purse, pucker one's lips
  5. e to float

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  1. pail, bucket
  2. to knock down, run over
  3. pole, stick, walking stick (pl. bastones)
  4. knots, nodes, joints
  5. managed to

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  1. tropezar conto knock down, run over


  2. la pajaflight, escape


  3. encariñada (con)fond of


  4. a todas parteseverywhere


  5. los puestosplace, position, post


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