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  1. Spy-ware
  2. bookmark
  3. Piracy
  4. Social Networking site
  5. Netiquette
  1. a a bad sideffect of free down loads with spyware some one can watch everything your doing and steal your ID.
  2. b An online community where people from all over the world may meet and share common interests.
  3. c A way to quickly access a favorite website by saving it in your browser.
  4. d Illegally copying copyrighted software, music, or movies.
  5. e Courtesy, honesty, and polite behavior practiced on the Internet.

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  1. An interactive forum where you can talk in real-time.
  2. A list of websites the people using a particular computer have visited
  3. a program used to navigate the internet
  4. Bullying through Internet applications and technologies such as instant messaging (IM), social networking sites, and cell phones.
  5. fake sites and Internet scams

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  1. Worma software program capable of reproducing itself that can spread from one computer to the next over a network


  2. AttachmentA file that can be added to an e-mail, like a document, photograph, or song.


  3. SpamUnwanted e-mail from someone you don't know.


  4. Ad-wareis software that loads itself onto a computer and tracks the user's browsing habits or pops up advertisements while the computer is in use. Applications that send data to advertisers.


  5. Firewalla system that creates a special "wall" to keep out unwanted information, like spam and viruses, and unwanted people, like hackers.


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