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  1. Great Hunger
  2. Luddites
  3. James Watt
  4. Industrial Revolution
  5. banking system
  1. a • Mineral energy and technology innovations
    • Britain 1750-1850- after 1850 growth slowed
    • Machines replaced human and animal labor
  2. b • Workers who opposed the introduction of mechanization of weaving
    • Rioted by breaking machines in 1810's
    • Attempted to maintain the traditional organization of their industry and the independence of their labor
  3. c • Improved steam engine-1775
    • Converted up down motion to rotary motion
    • Used in machine's and locomotion
  4. d • 1840s
    • Time of agrarian crisis and economic slump
    • 60% of factory workers unemployed
  5. e • 18th century banks become available beyond London
    • Bank of England manages public debts
    • Helped with government revolution
    • Created stability by holding most interest rates

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  1. • Mobilization of the resources to the rural areas
    • Rural communities organized to provide unskilled labor for production
    • Caused commercial production of large quantities of manufactured goods
  2. • 1820-1895
    • Wrote The Condition of the Working Class in England (1845)
    • Observed terrible conditions of industry
  3. • 1765-1825
    • Invented the cotton gin in 1794
    • Aided in the explosion of the cotton industry
  4. • Invented by John Kay in 1730's
    • Allowed weavers to work alone and permitted the construction of larger and faster handlooms
    • Was adopted slowly because it increased demand for spun thread
  5. • Naval contractor
    • Experimented with coke as fuel and removing the impurities from pig iron
    • First to realize that iron could be rolled directly into sheets
    • Increased output of pig iron by 15 times

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  1. Edwin Chadwick• 1800-1890
    • Wrote The Report on the Sanitary Conditions of the Labouring Population in Britain
    • Caused the formation of the Public Health Act of 1848


  2. water frame• Created in 1769 by Richard Arkwright; solved the problems of the jenny
    • Allowed Englishmen to produce an all-cotton fabric
    • Consisted of a series of water-driven rollers that stretched cotton before spinning it


  3. James Hargreaves• Devised a machine known as "the Jenny"
    • First to open the spinning bottle neck


  4. Zollverein• Was a cross between the water frame and the jenny
    • Invented by Samuel Crompton in 1811
    • Produced 10X the amount of thread than on the water frame and the jenny combined
    • Called for a large room and water source to power and house the machine


  5. Crystal Palace Exhibition• Regional rather than national process
    • Created largely unmanageable social problems
    • Technological innovation


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