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  1. arthroplasty
  2. tenodesis
  3. lateral
  4. thoraic vertebrae
  5. atrophy
  1. a surgical repair of a damaged joint
  2. b relating to the side
  3. c surgical suturing of a tendon to a bone
  4. d T1, T2, ect
  5. e wasting away, or diminishing in size, of a body part

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  1. inflammation of the cartilage
  2. surgical suturing or wiring together of bone
  3. inflammation of bone and cartilage
  4. muscle pain
  5. abnormal bone growth

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  1. hemiplegiaparalysis of the side of the body


  2. pyrosisheartburn


  3. craniummuscle pain


  4. dextrocardiaabnormal condition whereby the heart is located on the right side of the body cavity instead of the left


  5. arthroscopysurgical repair of a damaged joint


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