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  1. arthroplasty
  2. chondritis
  3. dextrocardia
  4. lumbar vertebrae
  5. thoraic vertebrae
  1. a surgical repair of a damaged joint
  2. b T1, T2, ect
  3. c abnormal condition whereby the heart is located on the right side of the body cavity instead of the left
  4. d L1, L2, ect
  5. e inflammation of the cartilage

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  1. pain in joint
  2. inflammation of joints
  3. ad lib
  4. visual examination of the internal structure of a joint
  5. ROM

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  1. quadriplegiaparalysis of the side of the body


  2. tenodesissurgical suturing of a tendon to a bone


  3. hemiplegiamuscle pain


  4. osteomatumor composed of bone tissue


  5. arthrodesisinflammation of joints


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